9000 Trimmer/Placer

Updated Oct 22, 2010

The Advantage of GOMACO’s Unique Front-Mounted, Two-Track Design

¢ More Trimming Power… The new single-drive, hydrostatic motor increases trimmerhead power by 50 percent with nine percent more trimmerhead speed for high production. One drive instead of two provides less maintenance. 

¢ Asset Utilization… The versatility of the 9000 comes directly from the front-mounted design. This allows changing the same machine from a grade trimmer to a shoulder trimmer or to a concrete placer. 

¢ Less Maintenance Time… Easy access to the front-mounted trimmer allows quick inspection of the trimmerhead or replacement of teeth.  

¢ Quick Transport Readiness… The trimmerhead or concrete hopper is easily detached and the machine simply backs off. No additional equipment is needed at the location to remove them. 

¢ It Loads Itself… Optional hydraulic pick-up arms load the trimmerhead onto the trailer, so additional heavy-lifting equipment is not needed at that location.  

¢ Maneuverability Between Stringlines… A 360-degree turn in the machine’s own length is possible because of the two-track design. A wide turning radius is not demanded like three-track machines. Maneuverability is necessary in most job-site conditions.  

¢ Low PSI… The large track surface contact area and the two-track design provide a high tractive effort and low ground pressure on the trimmed grade.  

¢ Does Not Leave The End Of The Pass Untrimmed… Only the front-mounted trimmer allows for trimming to the end of each pass or within inches of front obstacles. 

¢ More Power And Minimum Side Clearance… Our state-of-the-art, hydrostatic, direct drive motor in the trimmerhead is mounted internally to allow side-clearance requirements of only inches/millimeters. 

¢ Visibility Means Safety… The operator has a full view of the trimmerhead or concrete hopper because it is directly in front of the operator’s platform. 

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