Stone Construction Equipment, Inc. combines its Champion  Silo Mixers with its new grout placing system the Groutzilla Placement System for an unbeatable material mixing and placement package. Both the mixer and the placement system have been designed specifically for dealers and contractors to be more productive, reliable, serviceable and operator-friendly. Together, they can further increase productivity and reduce commercial and industrial jobsite expenses by reducing clean-up time, minimizing downtime waiting for grout delivery trucks, and by reducing wasted material by mixing only the amount needed.


The Silo Mixers are ideal for jobs where mortar, grout, plaster and color mixes are supplied in pre-blended bulk bags. With either the 12 cu. ft. SM1200 or the 20 cu. ft. SM2000 Silo Mixer, the mason can mix grout or mortar as needed. They can mix as little or as much as required to complete grouting several courses of block. And while the masons are laying additional courses of block, the mixers can be mixing another batch of grout.


The 20 cu. ft. Groutzilla Placement system makes placing grout in blocks, walls, forms and foundations, simple, easy and efficient. Working in concert with a telehandler or large forklift, the Groutzilla System handles almost any slump, easily filling multiple courses of block spanning 20 ft. or more.


Both the 12 and 20 cu. ft. Silo Mixers can easily dump into the Groutzilla hopper, allowing for continuous mix and delivery of grout, as needed. There is no need for the masons to wait on a delivery truck; and there is no costly wasted material from excess delivered in a ready-mix truck or shortage of material if the truckload was too small.


The Groutzilla Placement System also works well with other Stone Mortar Mixers. However, its 20 cu. ft. capacity has been designed to be most productive when teamed with the 20 cu.ft. SM2000 Silo Mixer.


Stone Construction Equipment, Inc. a 100% employee-owned American company is a leader in design, manufacture, and marketing of construction equipment. Right Built products distributed worldwide include concrete, mortar, and silo mixers, grout placing systems, hand held compaction equipment, ride-on asphalt and dirt rollers, trench compactors, power trowels, material handling equipment including lifts and buggies, concrete / pavement and masonry block saws and concrete vibrators and screeds.


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