Stone Stake Bed Utility Cart Receives Patent

Stone Construction Equipment, Inc. has been awarded a patent for its Stake Bed configuration of the Mud Buggy material handler. The patent covers the bed assembly and the ability to convert it from a Stake Bed Utility Cart into a Flat Bed and an Extended Flat Bed. The patent also covers the two-way tailgate, which can open at the top or the bottom.

Utility Cart can be used to haul up to 2,500 pounds in all three configurations. The Stake Bed configuration can hold 10 cubic feet of material. The Flat Bed configuration can handle bags of cement, block, bricks and other materials; while the Extended Flat Bed provides extra support for transporting full sheets of paneling, cement board, sheet rock, etc.

The Stake Bed Utility Cart features
· A two-way tailgate swings down or up, for easy dumping and spreading.
· Maximum access to the engine compartment for servicing with a one-piece lift-away polyethylene cowl.
· Extra large fuel tank 7 gallons for longer run times and increased productivity.
· An extra-large operator platform with an over-sized brake pedal and a two-way dump pedal.
· 13 hp Honda engine.

The Stake Bed, itself, is fully interchangeable with the poly or steel tubs found on the Mud Buggy, adding extra versatility and convenience.

The Stake Bed also includes several other patented features also found on the Mud Buggy. They include spin-off hubs that quickly remove the tires to allow it to fit through a doorway and the contoured operator platform with a full-size brake pedal and dump pedal.

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