Cemen Tech MCD10-200

  • Materials capacity to produce ten cubic yards of high strength concrete.
  • Produces 1 cubic yard of high quality concrete every 45 seconds @ 5 bag mix in accordance with ASTM C685, ACI 304.6R and AASHTO M-241 Standards. Meets all Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau Standards.
  • Top loading 115 cu ft. cement bin with Weather tight cement bin hatch and a bag breaking grate makes loading quick and easy insuring that you will not run out of cement before running out of aggregate.
  • Polycarbonate window allows you to monitor the level of cement and our Exclusive “DUAL AUGER CEMENT METERING SYSTEM and CEMEN TECH TRANSFER AUGER” gives you the most accurate mix possible.
  • Calibrated gate control allows you to quickly and easily reset mix designs.
  • 9 ft. long 16-in. continuous homogenizing mixer with full length “NI-HARD” steel wear blades provides you with hours of maintenance free production. Mix auger reverses and opens from top to make washout quick and easy.
  • Trigger activated grease gun lubricates internal lower seal of the mixer assembly and reduces maintenance time.
  • Mixer swivel with lock and hydraulic mixer hoist with lock valve gives you and your employees a safe work area.
  • 3 discharge chutes allow you to place concrete precisely in those hard to reach spots. First 3-½ft chute is attached.
  • Re-settable counter shows the exact amount of concrete produced, providing an accurate way to track sales.
  • Engineering-class roller chain, with 1inch angle- iron, supports an 24-in. wide vanner edge aggregate proportioning belt. The vanner edge belt protects the chain from aggregate fines and grit and ensures an accurate mix every time with years of low maintenance trouble free use.
  • Fully hydraulic functional mixer and conveyor with a large, 90 gallon, hydraulic oil reservoir and hydraulic oil filter allow continuous operation without overheating and system failure.
  • Pressurized water system with 430 gal. Front, mounted polypropylene tank eliminates rusting and cracking. Hydraulic powered water pump, flow control valve, quick acting water valve, and water flow meter provide you with precise control of water required to hold specific slump.
  • Cam activated high impact vibrators on cement and aggregate bin insures a smooth continuous flow of materials.
  • Industrial two-part, high solids, acrylic urethane paint and electrostatic paint process provides you with a lasting professional finish. Red, orange and yellow striping is included for a polished look.
  • Cemen Tech consumer marketing program and technical assistance gives you a means to improve your business and market your company to new or already existing customers.

The Attachments Idea Book
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