OKLAHOMA CITY, November 2007 Today™s Terex® CR662RM RoadMix material transfer vehicle and paver features a new variable-pitch in-hopper auger design that dramatically increases material throughput. The new pitch spacing transitioning from 10 in (254 mm) in the front to 11 in (279 mm) and then to 12 in (305 mm) in the rear more aggressively channels material to the rear of the machine for faster truck unloading. This new auger design helps to boost production capabilities, which can exceed 500 tons per hour (454 tonnes per hour). Even with a more aggressive pitch, the constant-diameter augers continue to reblend 100 percent of the material to combat both material and thermal segregation.

A new conveyor assembly for the CR662RM features a stationary lift conveyor with flights averaging every other pitch compared to the previous every third pitch to reduce hydraulic pressure and more quickly channel material from the rear of the tractor to the swiveling conveyor. New hydraulic pressure gauges for the conveyors, mounted at the operator™s station, help to minimize the chance of plugging the system. Hydraulically operated clean-out doors and reversible conveyor flights help to clear obstructions.

Contractors making the investment in a material transfer vehicle are looking for maximum return on investment, and the RoadMix delivers by substantially increasing machine utilization rates, since it works equally as well as a Remix Anti-Segregation System paver. The new in-hopper auger design enables the CR662RM to match or better production rates of conventional slat pavers, while giving the additional benefit of virtually eliminating segregation.

When equipped as a paver, the Terex® CR662RM incorporates two, 60-in (1524-mm) long spread auger sections to efficiently deliver material to the left- and right-hand sides of the screed. A new spread auger design employs two independently controlled, variable-speed outboard drive motors, mounted to

the tractor™s rear bulkhead. This eliminates the center gearbox drive and, since the left- and right-hand auger sections back up to each other, reduces the occurrences centerline segregation.

Contractors can choose from three different screed models the diesel or electric Fastach® 10, electric VersaScreed 10, and the electric or diesel Stretch 20® to convert the Terex® CR662RM into a paver. Depending on the screed, this 10-ft (3.0 m) paver delivers mainline paving widths reaching 30 ft (9.1 m) at depths of up to 12 in (305 mm).

When the contractor needs a transfer vehicle, the screed and spread augers are quickly removed from the tractor and replaced by the conveyor assembly. The RoadMix MTV delivers continuous, non-contact and off-set paving capabilities. Asphalt is immediately channeled from the receiving hopper to the rear of the machine, providing reduced handling time and virtually eliminating the temperature loss common with other MTV designs. Material passes through the stationary 37-in (940 mm) wide lift conveyor to a 30-in (762-mm) wide swivel conveyor. This second conveyor swings 55Âş to the left or right of center and offers a hydraulically variable discharge height from 73 to 116 in (1859 to 2942 mm).

Whether equipped as a paver or an MTV, the CR662RM features the patented Terex® Smartrac® rubber track drive system for more reliable operation. Oscillating bogie wheel assemblies combine with the system™s frictionally driven rubber tracks to automatically apply the correct tension, whether in forward or reverse. The self-tensioning system does not over tension the track, significantly extending track life. The rubber track drive spreads the machine™s 54,000 lb (24,495 kg) over a larger area, resulting in a low ground contact pressure of less than 12 PSI. This eliminates the parking and bridge-crossing issues common with conventional wheel-driven transfer vehicles.

The Terex® Cedarapids CR662RM features the latest in emissions control technology to meet stringent Tier 3 and Stage IIIA standards. The powerful diesel engine develops 260 hp (191 kW). A single-width, triple-element radiator efficiently cools engine water, charge air and hydraulic oil.


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