GP-2600 Slipform Paver

High Production… Optimum engine performance with the emission-controlled engine and plenty of horsepower provides high production.

¢ Less Noise and More Cooling Capacity… The engine package design provides the operator with one of the quietest operations available today. The cooling capacity provides a low hydraulic oil temperature, which results in longer life of parts and reduced operating cost.

¢ Push-Button Steering Setup… Smart cylinders provide push-button steering control setup and easy operation on the four-track machine.

¢ Accurate and Quick Mold Positioning… The T-Beam mounting rail provides positioning of the mold and the quick mounting and removal of the mold on the jobsite.

¢ Versatility in Changing Paving Widths… The modular frame hydraulically telescopes on the left side up to 6 ft. 6 in. (1.98 m).

¢ Proven Rideability… Superior rideability results have been job-proven time and time again by contractors throughout the world.

¢ Ease of Operation and Service… Award winning and exclusive G21 operating system features user-friendly controls and system diagnostics. The electronic-over-hydraulic system provides easy, accurate adjustment with an instant, controlled response.

¢ Less Maintenance Time… Fiberglass shroud lifts for easy access to the engine and service points.

¢ Visibility Means Safety… Lower profile engine shroud, full operational platform, and guard rails provide the operator with enhanced visibility of the entire operation.

¢ More Safety and Minimum Clearance… 3-position pivoting ladder allows variable degrees of angle for safety and ease in climbing for access to the operator™s platform. The ladder can be vertically positioned tight to the machine for minimum-clearance paving conditions.

¢ Mobility and Transportability Made Easy… Unique counter-rotation feature provides 360 degree turns within the machine™s own dimensions. The selective steer system on the four-track machine features versatility for easy job-site mobility. The GP-2600 has one of the fastest tracking speeds in the industry.

¢ High-Performance Drive System… The hydraulic engineering and choice of quality vendored parts provide a unique two-speed drive system with a powerful, low speed for pushing large volumes of concrete.

¢ Unparalleled Accuracy… GOMACO™s hydraulically powered transition adjuster (PTA) provides accurate, on-the-go transitions for the crown of the concrete slab.

Designed To Meet Worldwide Demands In Slipform Paving, Superior Quality And Technology That No One Else Can Offer

The job-proven GOMACO GP-2600 is preferred by contractors throughout the world. All of the features that have made the GP-2600 the Number One mid-range paver in universal paving markets are still standard. The GP-2600 has even more outstanding features that provide today™s contractor with the ultimate paving machine of the future.

GOMACO provides the highest standard of quality in the industry with skilled personnel producing state-of-the-art machines. The GP-2600 mid-range paver is built with durability for construction job-site conditions. Quality control from GOMACO engineering through manufacturing provides low-maintenance equipment with superior paving performance. Safety standards are a priority in equipment designs.

The engineering teams have designed the GP-2600 for maximum versatility with proven rideability results. GOMACO has provided quality, versatility, proven performance, and dedication to customer satisfaction for over 40 years and will continue to meet the challenges of today and into the future.

The GP-2600 slipform paver is designed to meet the worldwide demands in new and reconstruction of highways, streets, parking lots, and airport pavements. This slipform paver is available with two or four tracks to meet varying applications and contractor preference.

The GP-2600 modular telescoping frame provides versatility. The GP-2600 provides contractors with a broad range of paving widths from 12 ft. (3.66 m) to 18 ft. 6 in. (5.64 m) with the unique telescoping frame that extends 6 ft. 6 in. (1.98 m) on the left side. The GP-2600 will pave widths up to 32 ft. (9.75 m) with additional frame inserts. Hydraulically pressure-compensated sideplates provide edge control and a paving depth up to 19 in. (483 mm).

Production and serviceability are key factors with the GP-2600. Over 10 percent more fuel capacity combined with engine fuel efficiency provide an extended day of paving, resulting in higher production. The segmented fiberglass shroud provides ease in serviceability. One section lifts up to allow easy access to the engine and service points.

The low-profile engine shroud designed for the GP-2600 provides enhanced rear visibility for the operator. This allows the operator to remain at the controls and see the entire paving operation. The GP-2600 is powered by a 275 hp (205.2 kW) Caterpillar, emission-controlled diesel engine.

An optional removable auger/strike-off offers ease in changing widths and transportability. The detachable telescoping auger/strike-off gives contractors the benefit of a mold that can be either an open-front or auger/strike-off. It can then easily be broken down with removable and telescoping sections. The auger/strike-off is designed to move independently with hydraulically-

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