Dressta North America Introduces M-Series Crawler Dozers

Updated Oct 22, 2010

(Buffalo Grove, IL – February 7, 2007) Dressta North America announces the introduction of four new crawler dozer models – TD-7M, TD-8M, TD-9M, and TD-10M – featuring improved levels of power, serviceability, reliability, comfort and operator control. 
“With the addition of the Dressta M-series dozers, we have extended the design evolution begun with Dressta’s H-series and EXTRA-series dozers,” said Bernie Winker, manager of marketing and engineering services for Dressta North America. “We now have over 10 different crawler dozer models, offering a full range of sizes, capacities and performance. The M-series completes our 101 HP and lower dozer offerings where we out-spec the competition and offer great features and benefits to our customers.” 
Typically, a dozer of this size is used by several different people on a job site or in the rental market. Dressta’s M-series dozers are designed to be easily controlled, no matter the skill level of the operator. The machines feature a left-hand joystick control, a right foot pedal for engine deceleration and a left pedal for braking. Little effort or training is needed to easily control the machine. Additionally, Dressta has designed its M-series dozers with a power train that combines a torque converter (or direct drive system, perfect for applications such as fire control) with clutch-brake steering. For many applications, this power train outperforms other competitors that use hydrostatic power trains, in addition to having lower repair and maintenance costs. It provides good shock absorption, minimizes engine lugging, and allows operators excellent control over machine power. 
An industry exclusive, the M-series dozers are also designed so that, even with blades attached, the overall machine size remains within the 8’6″ width limit for legal transportation. This is true even of the larger machines, the TD-10M and all the LGP (low ground pressure) versions. 
Other M-Series features include: 
– Increased engine power: a choice of 74hp (TD-7M), 85hp (TD-8M), 93hp (TD-9M), and 101hp (TD-10M), all meeting
current emission regulations 
– Larger displacement Cummins engine (4.5 liter/ 275 cu. in.) 
– Low engine sound and vibration levels 
– Side-by-side modular cooling components for better efficiency and easy maintenance 
– Fine control steering; combination single-lever steering and transmission control 
– Caliper disc-type steering clutches and brakes, spring applied and hydraulically released 
– Long track and low ground pressure models available 
– 6-roller undercarriage on all units except TD-7M Standard 
– Improved blade control with T-lever 
– Direct drive power train available 
“We believe, with all the features and options, and with the performance we’ve built into the M-series machines, we can offer our customers more value for their dozer dollar,” said Winker. Customers of the M-series dozers will also benefit from a new Dressta parts distribution center and parts management system that includes online ordering, barcoding, order tracking and access to an electronic parts catalog for faster service. 


Dressta North America, a fully owned subsidiary of Dressta Company, Ltd., is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and markets the Dressta Crawler Dozer, Wheel Loader, and Crawler Loader lines of construction equipment. Visit

http://www.dresstanorthamerica.com  or call 1-877-DNA-2001 for more information. 

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