MT900C Machine Target for Use with AccuGradeTM ATS for Motor Graders, Track-Type Tractors

The introduction of the MT900C Active Machine Target or Advanced Tracking Sensor (ATS) for AccuGradeTM ATS systems broadens Caterpillar™s reach into the machine control and guidance industry through the addition of support for AccuGrade ATS on both motor graders and track-type tractors. The motor grader or dozer operator can conduct real-time fine grading operations with increased accuracy without fear of losing instrument lock.

The target uses a 360° ring of infrared LEDs to allow reliable tracking from any horizontal direction. The infrared LED™s emit one of 16 programmable ID™s that allow the instrument to lock-on and track the correct target every time.

The MT900C is designed to endure extreme temperatures, vibration, moisture, and dust. The solid aluminum end caps and rugged and sealed network connector are designed to take the knocks and keep on working. The high-strength acrylic lens is designed to resist scratching and cracking. The MT900C operates in a wide range of temperatures (40°C to +80°C) to keep operators in the cab going even when conditions turn severe.

The AccuGrade ATS system allows the operator to achieve high accuracy eliminating rework resulting in reduced fuel consumption, material savings, time, and associated cost benefits.

The MT900C provides enhanced dynamic tracking performance and guaranteed lock to the correct target ensuring the correct machine is being tracked. This is especially important in dusty construction site conditions.

Machines on display at ConExpo 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada feature AccuGrade technology products.

For more information about the 307D, 308D CR and 308D CR SB mini hydraulic excavators, customers should contact their local Cat® dealeror visit

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