Cat® D6N Refinements Combine with Premium Standard Features to Boost Performance, Enhance Operator Comfort and Reduce Costs

The Cat® D6N is a powerful, versatile Track-Type Tractor equipped with premium standard features, such as the Cat C6.6 ACERT diesel engine, differential steering, SystemOne undercarriage and implement choices that include a variable-pitch power angle/tilt (VPAT) blade, Semi-Universal blade, multi-shank ripper and winch PA55. Caterpillar has now enhanced this solid design with electro-hydraulic controls, a refined operator”s station and easier serviceability, features contributing to precise control, operator convenience and lower operating costs.


With electro-hydraulic operation of tiller-bar differential, blade controller and ripper controller, signals between theses control levers and the corresponding hydraulic systems are electronic, versus hydraulic in the formerly used pilot-control system. The new system uses a simple wiring harness to replace numerous hydraulic lines and fittings used between the levers and control valves in the pilot system. The result is a less-complex control system that is easier to maintain. From the operator”s point of view, the electro-hydraulic system yields fast steering response and precise implement control with comfortable, low-effort levers. Though the navigator board, operator is able to set some functions, such as blade response or speed level per auto-shift.


As an additional benefit of electro-hydraulic control, customers can now save significant costs when preparing the D6N to accept a Cat AccuGrade system, whether Laser, GPS or Advanced Tracking Sensor. The Attachment Ready Option (ARO)”providing modification of electrical and hydraulic systems, blade and cab to facilitate AccuGrade installation”now can be ordered separately from the Software Enabled Attachment (SEA). Before electro-hydraulic control, the customer was obligated to order both options at once; now, purchase of the SEA can be deferred until an automated grade-control system is installed.



Operator amenities and serviceability

In addition to electro-hydraulic controls, the D6N operator”s station has been further refined with a new instrument panel, automatic temperature-control, improved airflow and redesigned cab sealing. The new instrument panel features a simpler design with easy-to-read gauges and easy access to pertinent information, such as idle-time, fuel consumption, travel distance and operator profiles.


The D6N cab retains its large glass panels”front, side and rear”for excellent lines of sight to the blade and to the surrounding work site. An acoustic headliner and sound-suppression interior panels contribute to a quiet environment, and the air-suspension seat guarantees less operator fatigue during long shifts.


Serviceability enhancements for the D6N include an electrical fuel-priming pump, which incorporates an integral fuel/water separator that is electronically monitored”as is the engine air filter. On the left side, a new engine-cutoff switch, battery-disconnect switch and grouped diagnostic ports are all accessible from ground level. Right-side serviceability is now easier with less-restricted access to the hydraulic filter, electronic control module and fuse panel inside the cab.


Building on a solid foundation

A heavy-duty, technically advanced power-train allows the D6N to perform productively in a wide range of blade and drawbar work. The 6.6-liter, 150-horsepower (net) Cat C6.6 engine uses ACERT technology to optimize power, fuel efficiency and emissions control.


Equipped with the Cat Multi Velocity Program, the durable powershift transmission in the D6N allows operators to choose from five speed ranges to closely match machine performance to the application. An Auto-Shift feature allows selecting forward/reverse speed combinations to simplify directional changes, and an Auto-Kickdown feature automatically downshifts the transmission when heavy loads demand, ensuring maximum dozing performance.

The differential steering system, effortlessly controlled via the tiller, allows the operator to move full blade loads through turns with power to both tracks, and also allows easy straight-line travel when working across slopes”simply by moving the tiller to attain the precise speed differential between the tracks.

Undercarriage configurations for the D6N include the XL (Extra Long) version that places more track on ground for optimum balance when grading, and the Low Ground Pressure (LGP) version that improves flotation in soft underfoot conditions. Both configurations feature the innovative Cat SystemOne design, which uses cartridge sealed for life and rotating bushing, long-life components”a design that can reduce undercarriage-maintenance costs by 35 to 70 percent.

 Rounding out the D6N design foundation is a choice of blades for the XL version, the 4.16-cubic yard (3.18 mÂł) VPAT, mounted to the tractor with an inside C-frame, and the 5.6-cubic yard (4.28 mÂł) Semi-Universal, mounted with outside push arms. The LGP version uses the C-frame-mounted VPAT. Also available is a foldable blade that reduces shipping width.

These foundational features, together with the most recent refinements, make the D6N a machine of uncommon versatility, efficiency and value. 

For more information about the D6N, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit

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