Cat® 854K Wheel Dozer Features New Engine with ACERT Technology, Advanced Cooling System, Enhanced Operator Station

The Caterpillar® 854K wheel dozer incorporates innovations to lower engine emissions and boost fuel efficiency, improve reliability and serviceability, and optimize operator efficiency and comfort. Specifically, the 854K uses a highly efficient Cat C32 engine and a new radiator with improved heat transfer capabilities. A variable speed demand fan aids efficiency. For the operator, a new, larger cab includes a trainer™s seat, and a new low-effort joystick controls all blade functions.

The 854K replaces the 854G and retains the best features, including the impeller clutch torque converter for superior operator control and optimum power to the ground, lockup clutch for direct drive efficiency, and STIC control system for reduced steering and transmission control effort.

The 854K is the largest wheel dozer in the Caterpillar line and is engineered for demanding work in large dozing applications, such as mining and bulk materials handling, where mobility increases productivity. Operating weight is 217,128 pounds (99 488 kg). Blade capacities range from 33.1 to 58.2 cubic yards (25.4 to 44.7 cubic meters).

Efficient engine, cooling system and drive train
The Cat C32 engine, rated at 800 net horsepower (597 kW) features ACERT Technology, an exclusive Cat emissions reduction solution. The 12-cylinder engine is a V configuration with displacement of 1,960 cubic inches (32.1 liters).

A combination of technologies makes the Cat C32 engine clean, quiet, fuel efficient and compliant with US EPA Tier 2 standards and EU Stage IIa standards. The C32 also offers 500-hour oil change intervals for reduced maintenance costs. The optional oil renewal system (ORS) can reduce the need for oil changes even further.

The next generation modular radiator (NGMR) is a Caterpillar technology that improves serviceability and increases cooling efficiency. The copper core provides greater heat transfer rates when compared to steel. The new copper fins are copper brazed for high joint integrity. The header plate, tank and side sheets are brass. The modular core allows removal of a single module without removing the entire radiator. The result is reduced downtime and lower repair costs.

The 854K also features a true demand fan for enhanced fuel efficiency and quieter operation. The system adjusts the speed of the fan based on the coolant temperature.

The 854K drive train features the proven impeller clutch torque converter (ICTC). The system allows the operator to modulate rimpull efficiently using the left pedal for smooth operation and extended tire life. The ICTC works in conjunction with the proven rimpull control system, which enables the operator to adjust maximum rimpull by using an in-cab switch. Matching rimpull to the application extends tire life by improving traction in slippery or rough conditions. Another feature, throttle lock, allows the operator to preset the engine speed and subsequently to concentrate on other control functions. The results are faster cycle times and improved fuel efficiency.

Operator station promotes efficiency
The cab is spacious and provides superior visibility to the work area. Interior sound levels are low. The Comfort Series seat has an air suspension and is adjustable to fit the operator. A trainer seat promotes proper operational and safety training. Wide platform access stairs and an optional window-washing platform also enhance movement around the outside of the cab.

The new blade control is a low-effort, pilot-hydraulic joystick. The joystick controls lift/lower, tip and tilt. An integrated switch allows single or dual-tilt operation. The control is floor mounted and is adjustable fore and aft. An adjustable armrest enables operators to find a comfortable position. To aid the operator even further, high intensity discharge lights are an option as is a rear vision camera.

To speed maintenance work, Cat Product Link is available from the factory. It allows the owner or the dealer to remotely monitor machine health, service needs and location. Another option is a service center that centralizes the location for filling fluid reservoirs.

For more information about the 854K wheel dozer, customers should contact the local Cat dealer or visit the Cat web site at

Cat 854K Wheel Dozer Brief Specifications

 Engine model  Cat C32 ACERT
 Gross power  943 hp (703 kW)
 Net power (Caterpillar)  800 hp (597 kW)
 Blade capacity range  33.1 58.2 cu yd
(25.4 44.7 cu meters)
 Operating weight  217,128 lb (98 488 kg)

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