Caterpillar Customizes Wheel Dozers for Ripping Strata and Handling Wood Chips and Coal

To expand the versatility and enhance the productivity of its wheel dozers, Caterpillar offers customizing with ripper attachments and with scoops that have lift and tilt functions. The ripper modification for the 854 wheel dozer, the largest in the Cat line, equips the machine for ripping hard ground, thin rock and coal. The high-volume coal scoops and wood chip scoops enable wheel dozers to be highly productive when moving these low-density materials. The scoop arrangements are available for the Caterpillar® 814, 824, 834 and 844 wheel dozers.

Ripper expands versatility
The ripper modification enables the powerful 854 wheel dozer to handle a wider range of tasks at mines. The ripper is especially useful on jobs where the volume of material does not justify bringing in a crawler tractor and on jobs where the mobility of the wheel dozer allows the machine to work in areas that are widely separated.

The ripper modification was designed using D9 and D10 ripper components. The parallelogram ripper design delivers the ability to hydraulically adjust the tip angle beyond vertical for improved penetration and for optimum ripping angles in most materials. Full pilot hydraulic controls provide easy selection and control of either blade or ripper functions.

Scoop handles lighter materials efficiently
The wheel dozer scoops are specifically designed for moving and stockpiling coal, woodchips and hogfuel, a log processing byproduct that contains chips, sawdust and bark. The scoops increase production by both dozing and carrying the load. Of course different sizes of scoops are available for different machines and for different materials.

The coal scoop for the 834 wheel dozer, for example, has 30 cubic yards (23 cubic meters) capacity, but it can move as much as 60 cubic yards (46 cubic meters) with each pass. The 40-cubic-yard 31-cubic meter) wood chip scoop designed for the 834 can push and carry as much as 80 cubic yards each pass (61 cubic meters).

Each scoop features a heavy-duty front frame with dual lift cylinders, which can lift and dump the scoop when it™s full. The scoops use Cat® wheel loader hydraulics for fast lift and dump cycles and reliable operation.

To compliment the scoop arrangement in wood products applications, customizing offers an alternative radiator cooling system with a hinged fan enclosure that provides easy access to the cooler cores for cleaning. It also incorporates an auto-reversing demand fan for purging debris from the air inlet screens and radiator.

For additional information about customizing wheel dozers, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat web site at

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