Shibuya Hydraulic Core Drill

DITEQ expands its substantial line of Shibuya core drills with the NEW hydraulic core drill motors that come in four speeds and can drill up to 32 diameter holes.

These compact motors deliver reliable power to perform over a broad range of professional applications. Designed to work with the Shibuya hydraulic powerpack, these units are part of an integrated system with the industry™s most extensive line of accessories.


  • Powerful compact motor
  • Highly efficient power unit
  • Relief valves for added protection
  • Fine incremental control of power
  • Spindle thread A-rod


Hydraulic Core Drill
Displacement 80cc (4.9in 3) 160cc (9.8in 3) 250cc (15.3in 3) 400cc (24.0in 3)
RPM 500rpm at 10gmp 250rpm at 10gmp 160rpm at 10gmp 100rpm at 10gmp
Max BIT CAPACITY 200mm (8) 400mm (16) 600mm (24) 800mm (32)
COLUMN SIZE 2-3/8 2-7/8 2-7/8 2-7/8
Column Length 39.4 (1000mm) 43 (1100mm) 43 (1100mm) 43 (1100mm)
Model # TS-420H TS-503H TS-603H TS-800H
PART # DR1026 DR1027 DR1028 DR1029


All Shibuya Hydraulic motors are complete with spindle unit and flow control valve manifold.
*Spindle thread is A-rod, every hydraulic motor comes with 2 A-rod adaptor female to 1-1/4-7 male thread adaptor.
* Quick release shown is not included.

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