Two new Atlas Copco models of core drill now released:The LCD 500 and LCD 1500

February, 2009: Improved operator comfort and safe handling for higher performance are the key improvements on the new core drill models, LCD 500 and LCD 1500. The new core drills will, like the previous models, fit into standard drill stands.  The new core drills also operate on the same hydraulic flow and pressure as the previous models.


 Improved operator comfort includes a hand-shaped handle grip with extended rubber cover for perfect grip and control of rotation torque. Hydraulic inlets and hoses are connected through the handle to support and reduce the torque transferred directly to operator. The extended handle enables the user to better control the core drill when using large diameter bits or performing deep hole drilling.


A soft rubber pad on the breast plate increases the operator™s comfort. A conveniently shaped aluminum trigger lever provides perfect controlled start/stop. Trigger locking, with quick lever release, makes for convenient deep hole drilling and drill stand operation. These drills come in a strong powder coated steel toolbox for transport and storage. 5 ft (1.6 m) tail hoses are thin and flexible with standard flat-face quick-release couplings for light, easy connection and operation. A water hose, with on/off and regulation of water flushing, can adapt to any standard garden hose or the optional water kit.


Safe handling of these core drills includes a soft start, for safe and easy control of drilling.  There is also a trigger guard for safe use and trigger mechanism protection.


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