New Product: DD-9014

The DD-9014 branded with the Astec name, but designed, manufactured, and made available by American Augers is self contained drilling systems that features a field-proven design, mobility and flexibility, and is guaranteed to succeed on the toughest trenchless jobs all over the world. You can count on performance, durability, and low down time, the keys to profitable operation.

The standard DD-9014 offers the best design in mid-size HDD engineering, as this unit will excel with: Caterpillar®  230 HP (171.1 kW) C-6.6 Tier III Diesel Engine, 90,000 lbs (40.8 Tonnes) of Maximum Thrust/Pullback, Rack and Pinion, (4) Pinion Carriage Drive with Adjustable Force Limiter, and 13,600 ft-lbs (18,300 Nm) of Maximum Rotary Torque, which allows the machine to turn larger size reamers in long distance bores.

Other features include, an on-board triplex mud pump, mechanized pipe loading system with a working capacity of 360 ft of on-board pipe, removable pipe baskets hold 9 pieces of pipe (each), independent hydraulic circuits for thrust/pullback, torque, and mud flow, automatic mud shut off and blow down valve, 200 gallons per minute of superior mud flow.

Operators will appreciate the DD-9014″s other advantage, as the drill rig is equipped with a climate controlled operators cabin with both air condition and heat options. The state-of-the-art microprocessor control console features an ergonomically designed joystick, mud pressure gauge, digital mud flow meter and rotary tachometer, pressure control for rotary and thrust, and among other features has variable rotary control. The machine also incorporates a cold start feature where an engine air intake pre-heater is standard.

With safety always being a priority in an American Augers design the DD-9014 operates with rear thrust stabilizers, is I-beam circular post hold down capable, and utilizes an ES!Lok exit side lock out control, Zap-Alert system, and has a QUIET PAK®   noise reduction unit.

The DD-9014 should be considered the future of mid-size horizontal directional drills, and operators around the world will find the ASTEC brand name is proof of American Augers devotion toward being a second-to-none supplier of underground technology construction equipment that maintains rugged strength, unsurpassed power, and industry leading designs.

American Augers ( is a leading manufacturer of underground and utility construction equipment, including Horizontal Directional Drills, Auger Boring Machines, Mud Pump & Cleaning Systems, Product Tooling and Accessories.



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