DD-6 Product Update

West Salem, Ohio American Augers is proud to announce a performance enhancing update to its longest serving and field proven horizontal directional drilling model. The ASTEC branded DD-6 has been upgraded to a Caterpillar C-6.6 Tier III diesel engine that is rated at 174 HP (130 kW).


The track mounted DD-6 features a rack and pinion carriage design that is capable of 60,000 lbs. (27 Tonnes) of thrust and pullback. The two pinion and gear rotary drive system has a maximum torque rating of 10,000 ft-lbs. (13,558 Nm). The DD-6 is equipped with a triplex drilling fluid pump that has a maximum flow of 130 U.S. Gallons (510 L) per minute, a rig mounted 6,000 lbs. (2,772 kg) lift rated hydraulic crane, and the ability to have on board a total of 315 feet (96 m) of drill pipe during drilling operations.


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