E-Z Drill Model 210B Series On-Grade Concrete Drills Reach 18-Inch Depth from 4-Foot Patch

STILLWATER, Okla. ” E-Z Drill™s line of on-grade concrete drills includes two easily positioned models that drill to a standard 18-inch depth. The Model 210B and Model 210B-2 feature a compact frame, allowing each to operate within a 4-foot area. The units have been specifically designed for straight-line drilling on a level subgrade, and are ideal for airport work, lane additions and large patchwork jobs.


Offering third-generation quality, the enhanced single-gang Model 210B can operate within 6 inches of a corner and drill a 3/4-inch hole 9 inches deep in about 15 seconds. The Model 210B-2 also drills within 6 inches of a corner and provides an inexpensive option for a two-gang system. Both units are totally pneumatic, with the 210B requiring 100 cfm and the 210B-2 requiring 200 cfm. An optional vertical conversion kit enhances the series™ versatility, allowing each unit to switch from a horizontal drill to a vertical drill within 20 minutes.


As with the complete line of E-Z Drill products, the on-grade drills offer numerous features to increase production and help prevent downtime. Quick-release bit guides correspond with any style of bit for a fast, simple exchange, while vertical height adjustment levels enable each unit to drill on center whether the slab is 6 inches or 24 inches thick. E-Z Drill™s patented roller bearing feed system eliminates friction while drilling, increasing speed and productivity. Drill carriages easily can be replaced, as needed, with basic tools, and quick coupler air fittings further simplify maintenance. Regulators on the 210B-2 allow the operator to set the optimum drilling speed for each individual drill. Dual-purpose guide wheels on the 210B help with positioning the drill during operation and can be quickly flipped down and used for transporting the unit.


Both on-grade models feature components to protect the machine, as well as the operator. Carriage locks secure the drill and bit in place when the air supply is off or disconnected, and auto-lock couplers automatically secure the air supply hose onto the drill coupling so that the connection does not need to be manually pinned. Individual oilers help the drill motor last longer by lubricating each drill from separate reservoirs. A balanced lifting point increases safety during loading and unloading by helping to prevent a load shift, and lifting handles provide proper leverage to lessen any injury risk while increasing productivity.


On-grade models operate on the subgrade, allowing work to continue without obstructing the traffic lane. Another advantage offered by on-grade units is that they are lighter to load and unload than slab-rider models. In addition to the Model 210B and Model 210B-2, the E-Z Drill on-grade line includes the smaller Model 65B, Model 85B and Model 110B.


Established in 1987 after creating a solution to slow, handheld rock drills, E-Z Drill now manufacturers lines of slab rider drills, on-grade models and equipment-mounted drills, as well as vertical utility models and concrete drilling accessories, such as dust-collection systems and cure trailer sprayers. E-Z Drill also can custom design and build automatic drill systems for customers™ specific jobs. For more information on E-Z Drill™s complete line of concrete drilling and doweling equipment, contact E-Z Drill, P.O. Box 517, 4615 W. Lakeview, Stillwater, OK 74076, call 800-272-0121, fax 405-372-1429, e-mail [email protected] or visit the Web site https://www.ezdrill.com/.


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