Subsite 720ML Magnetic Locating System Released

PERRY, Oklahoma- The Subsite Electronics organization announces the release of a new electronic locating system, the 720ML Magnetic Locator .

Designed for ease of use and engineered to be extraordinarily sensitive, the 720ML can detect metallic or ferrous objects such as marker stakes, manhole covers, valve boxes, and cast-iron pipe around excavation and horizontal directional drilling jobsites.

The 720ML has only two controls, located at the base of the display housing, so it can easily be operated with one hand. It”s easy-to-read digital bar graph displays signal strength and polarity to help pinpoint the target, and the operator has a choice of two audio modes. Four sensitivity settings allow the operator to customize the 720ML to suit soil conditions.

The lightweight 720ML is easy to use for extended lengths of time, and two 9-volt lithium batteries keep it operating for more than 60 hours. The unit also comes standard with a rugged case to withstand the rigors of field use.

Subsite Electronics is the world”s leading manufacturer of locating equipment designed to identify the locations of underground cable, pipe, conduit, and duct. The subsite product line offers the most advanced underground utility locating systems available, including hand-held electronic equipment, ground-penetrating-radar, fault-locating systems, and electronic marker locator accessories.

Subsite Electronics is a division of The Charles Machine Works, Inc., the worlds leading provider of underground utility construction equipment.

For more information about the new 720ML, please call 800-846-2713 or visit

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