Two Ditch Witch Locating Products

PERRY, Okla. ” The Ditch Witch organization announces the release of two locating products: the Ditch Witch 970T transmitter and the Live Power Adapter (LPA) accessory. The five-watt 970T enhances the power and functionality of the company™s three-watt 950T transmitter, while the LPA is designed to augment the power capabilities of the company™s 950T, 970T and 300T transmitters.

The 970T™s primary function is to place signals on target lines, either through direct connection, induction clamping, or broadcast modes. It features built-in circuit protection, twice the battery life of the 950T, and reverse battery protection, which warns the operator if the battery is accidentally installed backwards. This common mistake can quickly ruin a transmitter.

The 970T measures true voltage, DC resistance, and current, and can be configured to send the same frequencies as the 950T, plus an optional 200 kHz. Standard frequencies are 512 Hz, and 1, 8, 29 and 80 kHz. One-Call contractors, utility companies, general contractors, subsurface utility engineering contractors, and plumbing contractors will be the primary users of the 970T.

The same users can enjoy the many benefits of the new LPA accessory, which is designed to safely connect Ditch Witch 950T, 970T, and 300T transmitters to live power lines of up to 440 volts AC. The LPA was created for situations in which power interruption is not possible. The LPA uses special insulated grippers to connect the lines.

The Ditch Witch organization specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality underground construction equipment. The company is a one-stop source for trenchers, vibratory plows, pneumatic piercing tools, backhoes, electronic tracking and locating tools, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill pipe, downhole tools, vacuum excavation systems, excavator-tool carriers, mini skid steers and pipebursting systems.

The Ditch Witch name is one you can trust for your equipment and financial needs. Ditch Witch Financial Services (DWFS) is a full-service provider, offering a wide variety of finance and lease options to meet your individual requirements.  

All of these products are recognized around the world for their advanced design, rugged construction, long-term durability, ease of use, and reliability. This product line represents the most complete range of equipment for installing utilities underground.

For more information about the 970T, please call 800-654-6481 or visit

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