Metrotech Introduces Easyloc CAM Underground Locating Instrument for Sewer TV Cameras

 “Metrotech continues to meet user needs by meeting affordability and superior design for the plumbing, sewer and water utility industry with the Easyloc CAM. This unit contains functions that are quickly understood, advanced graphical display of signal strength and audio signal and automatic sensitivity control.” states Casey Pelton, Metrotech”s vice president of sales and marketing. “An operator using the Easyloc CAM will quickly confirm the utility location with greater speed and precision,” Pelton concluded.


The Easyloc Cam is specially designed for the location of Sewer TV Cameras. The 3 frequencies (512Hz, 640Hz, and 33kHz) are the most common and are all supported by the Easyloc Cam.


Easyloc Cam is a welcome economical and technical solution to utility locating incorporating a rugged housing, automatic digital display and high quality features for greater productivity at lower operational costs. As a single active frequency locating instrument, the Easyloc employs the proven 33kHz frequency for most locating applications. Additional functionality is found in the highly sensitive power (50/60 Hz + harmonics) modes for line avoidance at utility construction sites. Depth measurement is taken with the press of a button in all modes of operation (active and passive).


The Easyloc Cam”s intuitive well-organized receiver display is an indicator of a superior design that meets user demands. All functions are quickly understood and within reach. The large graphical display of signal strength with a visual marker. Together with the audio signal and automatic sensitivity control, the operator quickly confirm the utility location with greater speed and precison.


  • Fast and precise location of Sewer TV Cameras

  • Three active frequencies- 512Hz, 640Hz and 33kHz frequency

  • Automatic depth measurement at the push of a button

  • Automatic sensitivity control

  • Passive Frequency 50/60 Hz

  • Depth measurements in all modes- active and passive

  • Contiuous signal strength display with maximum marker

  • Peak indicator “Easy Locate”

  • Audio output with volume control

  • Dual sensors for audio backlight

  • Auto off function – saves batteries

Pricing and Availability


Easyloc pricing starts at $1475.00 immediately available through Metrotech”s direct sales force,
website at, and channel partners at


About Metrotech

Metrotech Corporation is a leading provider of high-quality utility locating instrument solutions for all underground utilities. These quality instruments help improve efficiency, and increase productivity with the user-friendly controls. The result is less time locating and more money saved. Metrotech”s pipe and cable locators are used by every utility, such as: gas and petroleum pipeline companies, military facilities, industrial maintenance departments, railroad companies, electric power, and telecommunication firms. Additionally, Metrotech offers water leak detection solutions for surveying and locating pressurized water leaks in freshwater systems for the municipal water utilities, plumbing contractors, and golf courses and specialized leak detection instruments for sanitary districts.



For more information about Metrotech and other pipe and cable locating products and water leak detection products, visit our website at

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