Secure Fuel System Locks-Down Fuel, Eliminates Fudge FactorsÂť

June 24, 2009.  Shelton, CT.  OEM Data Delivery (OEM DDÂť), a developer of paperless data collection and management systems for construction and other complex jobsites, has introduced a tool that immediately adds security and accountability to the dispensing of fuel.


OEM DD™s Secure Fuel System provides customized multi-layer security for fuel dispensing via password or authorized ID.  It delivers easy-to-read analytics on the consumption of fuel, as well as other consumables, immediately, so that data can be used in the field.


The heart of the Secure Fuel System is a wireless device that ID™s each vehicle, its location, and the fuel dispensed to it.  Following dispensing, equipment hours, mileage and gallons dispensed are captured automatically.  GPS coordinates are stamped into the record as data is collected.


This OEM Data Delivery system installs on any fuel, lube, or pickup truck, or on fuel stations or remote bulk tanks.  In addition to providing precise control over fuel dispensing, the Secure Fuel System alerts management to unauthorized use, preventing fuel theft, and allowing for more accurate job accounting and more efficient planning.


This OEM DD tool is a cost-effective tool for fuel-based maintenance – the ideal way to avoid the cost and inconvenience of over and under-servicing.  Captured information is accessed through email or web report on a password protected website. Data integrates easily with back office management systems.


Like all OEM Data Delivery products, the Secure Fuel System is constructed for heavy service and performance in extreme environments.  Systems can work alone, or in conjunction with OEM Data Delivery™s Service Trackers.  These wireless hour meter and data loggers track equipment hours, mileage, service alerts, plus engine idle and work times, and other data logs.


Secure Fuel Systems are compatible with all equipment brands and models, and are scaleable, so they grow seamlessly with the business.  Seven-digit display for status and diagnostics; NEMA 4/ IP65 rated. 


For more information, contact OEM Data Delivery, Shelton, CT.  (203) 929-8431.

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