Eclipse® SST Advanced HDD Guidance System

The DigiTrak® Eclipse® SST advanced HDD guidance system is easy to use, and it delivers quick and accurate steering data. The system eliminates the need for a DC wire grid and its lengthy setup time. Due to the small size of the SST transmitter (4), tight turning radii can be acheived.

The SST system monitors the tool”s compass heading (azimuth) in degrees and provides the operator with a lateral deviation (in degrees) from the intended path for quick steering corrections.

With the Eclipse® receiver (1) and remote display (3), the operator can view real-time position and depth data. A laptop computer (2) also graphically displays the tool”s progress in real time. It shows both a profile view of the bore and a bird”s-eye view of the lateral deviation.


Real Time Measurements

  • Compass heading (azimuth) in 0.1 degree increments

  • Tool face (roll) in 360 positions

  • Inclination (pitch) in 0.1 percent or degree increments

  • Computed depth and lateral position

  • Available as an upgrade to the Eclipse® iGPS® Locating system

    Transmitter Specifications
    Battery type 12V to 28V DC
    Battery life Cable power
    Operating temperature range 22°F to 122°F
    (-5.6°C to 50°C)
    Diameter 1.25 in (31.75 mm)

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