MINNEAPOLIS, MN June 17, 2008 Donaldson Company (NYSE:DCI), a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, introduces the Pulse Jet Air Cleaning (PJAC) Ultra self-cleaning air cleaner designed for maximum engine protection, minimized filter element servicing, improved fuel economy and vehicle engine power. This improved air cleaner is ideal for military vehicles and applications operating in demanding environmental conditions. 

The Donaldson PJAC is a patented, self-cleaning air filter that cleans filter elements with short duration pulses of compressed air. This two-stage air filtration technology ensures the best engine protection and a longer life cycle due to minimized filtration servicing with no scavenge required. Designed with Donaldson UltraWeb® Nanofiber Filtration Technology, the PJAC Ultra air cleaner provides the highest level of efficiency – 99.997+%-and has a filter life of greater than 200 hours when tested per MIL-PRF-62048. Manufactured with a durable, corrodion-resistant coated metal housing, the new air cleaner is built with the Donaldson Vacuator Valve which automatically releases dust. This field tested, mature filtration technology is scalable to meet customer space requirements and requires no tools for servicing.


“The PJAC Ultra represents a breakthrough in air filtration technology,” said Gary Gillingham, director of engineering for Defense at Donaldson Company. “The PJAC Ultra eliminates the need for frequent filter servicing in harsh environments. Lab and field tests have demonstrated that filter service intervals are reduced by more than 10X compared to conventional air cleaners. With its Ultra Web nanofiber media the PJAC Ultra also provides a 10-100X improvement in engine protection.  Donaldson has been able to achieve these advantages in a product that can cost less than a conventional scavenged heavy duty filtration system.”

The Donaldson PJAC Ultra is a suitable filtration solution for a variety of vehicles and applications, such as HMMWV, JLTV, tactical and armored combat vehicles, retrofit opportunities and commercial vehicles.

To learn more about the Donaldson PJAC Ultra air cleaner, visit Donaldson at www.donaldson.comor contact us at 866-323-0394.

About Donaldson Company

Donaldson is a leading worldwide provider of air and liquid filtration systems and replacement parts that improve people”s lives, enhance our Customers” equipment performance and protect our environment. We are a technology-driven company committed to satisfying our Customers” needs for diesel engine equipment and industrial filtration solutions through innovative research and development, superior technology, and global presence. Our almost 13,000 employees contribute to the company”s success by supporting our Customers at more than 100 sales, manufacturing, and distribution locations around the world. 


Donaldson is a member of the S&P MidCap 400 and Russell 1000 indices, and our shares trade on the NYSE under the symbol DCI. Additional information is available at

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