John Deere Power Systems Announces New Engines for Gen-Set Market

 John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) is pleased to introduce three new engines for use in gen-set applications. The PowerTech E 9.0L and PowerTech 9.0L and 13.5L engines offer gen-set customers more powerful, cost-effective solutions.


These compact, powerful engines are specifically targeted for the standby gen-set market, but they will also be offered to the prime-power gen-set market. The PowerTech E 9.0L engine meets Tier 3 emissions regulations and has a maximum power rating of 315 kW (422 hp).


PowerTech E 9.0L Power Ratings (@ 1800 rpm rated speed)

·         Prime engine power: 208 kW 287 kW (279 hp 384 hp)

·         Prime ratings: 218 kVA 315 kVA (175 kWe 252 kWe)

·         Standby engine power: 229 kW 315 kW (307 hp 422 hp)

·         Standby ratings: 242 kVA 348 kVA (194 kWe 278 kWe)


Before the introduction of the PowerTech E 9.0L, the only option for gen-set customers who needed a large-displacement, Tier 3-compliant engine was the full-featured, high-performance PowerTech Plus engine family.

In the cost-driven gen-set market, customers can now get a Tier 3 large-displacement engine without cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) or a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), said Matt Arnold, product planner for JDPS.


The Tier 3 PowerTech E 9.0L is new for the 60-Hz gen-set market and features state-of-the-art technologies, including full-authority electronic controls, a fixed-geometry turbocharger and a high-pressure common-rail fuel system. These technologies offer improved cold-start performance and precise engine-speed control ” giving the engines the same durability and reliability as other John Deere engines. Production on the PowerTech E 9.0L is scheduled to begin during spring of 2008.


John Deere has two other new engines for the gen-set market: the Stage II PowerTech 9.0L and 13.5L. These engines are new for 50-Hz gen-sets, and production is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2008. Both engines offer world-class power density and performance and are perfect for markets that require Stage II certifications. The PowerTech 9.0L engine has a maximum power rating of 304 kW (408 hp).


PowerTech 9.0L Power Ratings (@ 1500 rpm rated speed)

·         Prime engine power: 230 kW 274 kW (308 hp 367 hp)

·         Prime ratings: 243 kVA 302 kVA (196 kWe 243 kWe)

·         Standby engine power: 253 kW 304 kW (339 hp 408 hp)

·         Standby ratings: 270 kVA 336 kVA (216 kWe 269 kWe)


The PowerTech 13.5L engine features the same technologies as the PowerTech E 9.0L except, instead of the high-pressure common-rail fuel system, it has an electronic unit injector fuel system.


PowerTech 13.5L Power Ratings (@ 1500 rpm rated speed)

·         Prime engine power: 323 kW 415 kW (433 hp 556 hp)

·         Prime ratings: 345 kVA 458 kVA (276 kWe 367 kWe)

·         Standby engine power: 355 kW 456 kW (476 hp 612 hp)

Standby ratings: 379 kVA 504 kVA (304 kWe 403 kWe)

Gen-set customers now have a choice of technologies for their larger-displacement Tier 3 needs, Arnold said. This addition to our product line will give customers the option to select the engine that is just right for their application.


About John Deere Power Systems

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) manufactures and markets 30 to 448 kW (40 to 600 hp) industrial diesel engines and 56 to 455 kW (75 to 610 hp) marine diesel engines, as well as drivetrain components for use in a variety of off-highway applications. JDPS can be contacted at 1-800-JD-ENGINE (1-800-533-6446), or via e-mail at [email protected]. Information about the full line of JDPS engines and drivetrain components is available online at


About Deere & Company

John Deere (Deere & Company – NYSE: DE) is the world™s leading provider of advanced products and services for agriculture and forestry and a major provider of advanced products and services for construction, lawn and turf care, landscaping and irrigation. John Deere also provides financial services worldwide and manufactures and markets engines used in heavy equipment. Since it was founded in 1837, the company has extended its heritage of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation around the globe.


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