Noise Emissions of Roadtec Pavers Reduced

Noise emitted by highway class pavers is mostly attributed to the cooling fan on the engine. Only a small portion of the sound comes from the engine itself. Roadtec recently switched to variable speed fans on all its pavers. The fan runs on an as needed basis to supply the cooling needed for the machine hydraulics. Owing to the cool running design of Roadtec pavers, average fan speed can now be reduced to produce an average reduction in noise of about 4 decibels. In normal operating conditions the crew will be able to converse with normal, conversational loudness.


Roadtec offers the RP-170 and RP-175, with tire and track suspension respectively, in 8 foot width; and RP-190 and RP-195, the tire and track-suspension models in 10 foot width. Roadtec aslo manufactures the SP-200 10 foot tack-mounted spray paver.

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