Subaru Introduces Engine Designed to Run on Propane or Natural Gas

LAKE ZURICH, Ill. ” Subaru™s new EPA/CARB certified EH72 LP/NG engine joins its extensive line of engines, and is the first and only Subaru engine with the ability to operate on either propane or natural gas. Optimized to run on gaseous fuel for heightened performance and durability, the environmentally friendly engine is ideal for use with hot pressure washers, concrete saws, lawnmowers, and small oil pumps used in oil drilling operations.


Certified for portable or stationary applications, this keyed shaft engine can easily be changed from propane to natural gas operation in virtually any setting. Offering a 25-horsepower output, the engine is designed to provide the same longevity, durability and power offering as standard gasoline engines, while reducing harmful emissions and remaining EPA/CARB compliant.


Unlike a standard gasoline engine that has been converted to gaseous fuel operation, the EH72 LP/NG engine is intended to run on gaseous fuel, which burns much hotter than regular gasoline and doesn™t provide any lubrication. A converted engine isn™t designed to handle these factors, which often results in more wear on the engine and, ultimately, a shorter life. Subaru has designed its engine to account for this increase in heat and loss of lubrication, thus optimizing it to run on gaseous fuel without sacrificing the life of the engine.


Loss of power is another common problem associated with converted gaseous fuel engines. These engines can often experience up to a 20-percent decrease in power output. By designing its engine to run on gaseous fuel, Subaru has eliminated this problem. The LP/NG engine delivers a full 25-horsepower output when running on propane.


Maintenance concerns are significantly reduced with the LP/NG engine. By using propane or natural gas, which both burn cleaner than standard gasoline, less wear is incurred on the engine and routine maintenance intervals are extended.


For added safety and ease of set up, the engine comes configured with a regulator, also known as a vaporizer, which is equipped with an electric shut-off valve. Operator safety is further enhanced by the inclusion of a control box with a key switch. Also standard is a low oil pressure shut-off for both the engine ignition and the fuel inlet.


The engine is backed by Subaru™s industry leading 3-year limited warranty.


Subaru products are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan. Fuji Heavy Industries is a diversified manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, aircraft, ecotechnologies and industrial engines and equipment. Subaru engines are marketed and supported in North America by Robin America, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries. For more information, contact Robin America, Inc., 905 Telser Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, call 800-277-6246 or 847-540-7300, e-mail [email protected]or visit the Web site at

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