Soft or Wet Terrain Work Made Easy

Wetland Equipment Co. builds Amphibious Excavators. They are the alternative to working on mats and barges. The Amphibious Excavator shown is a New Caterpillar 320D long reach excavator with a Wetland 350 gallon fuel tank on used pontoons. The customer purchased the pontoons in March 1999 to mount on an excavator he currently owned. We adapted it to fit on the new pontoons. A few months ago when his old excavator quit working, he purchased a new excavator to mount on his old pontoons because, they are still in great shape. We can mount any size or model excavator new or old on pontoons. All our pontoons are built with a 20% reserve flotation factor this allows the excavator to dig over the sides while floating. We also mount many different sizes and models of tree cutters some with auxiliary engines and some without. Our equipment is built to fit the customer”s needs and can be adapted as the customers” needs change. Some optional accessories are a 350 gallon fuel tank for more time between fueling and walkways for service of excavator and to avoid walking on slippery/muddy tracks.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover