REMU Big Float

A new type of machine for marshlands and shallow-water areas Three different sizes with 11, 14 and 21-ton excavators for

  • technical jobs in areas covered with water
  • construction and maintenance of waterways
  • restoration and treatment of recreational areas and sanctuaries
  • prevention of flood damage
  • landscaping
  • cleaning and building shorelines – lakes, rivers, seas and canals
  • building drainage trenches on wetland, swamps and industrial waste areas
  • cleaning settlement pools, managing waste ponds, nature preservation projects

Basic unit

The working unit of the Big Float is a 11, 14 and 21 ton standard tracked excavator with outreach of 16, 12 or 10 meters respectively. It is possible to equip the machine with all the customary work attachments of an excavator. The standard backhoe bucket of 800 / 600 litres has drain holes for water.

The structure of the pontoon undercarriage

The track units of the Big Float are comprised of a sprocket, an idler, track rollers and standard-type track-chains, which roll around the two pontoons. Thanks to the unit”s novel construction, which has been patented worldwide, the driver can use a hydraulic cylinder to pull the pontoons closer together for driving onto a low-boy or transporting over public roads.

As an option on Big Float machines, it is possible to attach additional pontoons and hydraulically operated support outriggers to the sides of the pontoons.

The Big Float has excellent maneuverability in areas where traditional machines cannot even go! It travels from the transport platform to the work site on its own tracks – no hoists are required. The pontoons ensure flotation of the machine in the water as well as safe travel over soft marshlands. Under favorable conditions the machine can also be transported in the water by towing.

The working depth of the machines without outriggers is

  • Big Float 10.22 / 1,3m ( 4 ft. 4″ )
  • Big Float 12.24 / 1,4m ( 4 ft. 8″ )
  • Big Float 16.36 / 1,5m ( 5 ft. )

If the Big Float machine is fitted with approved side pontoons with support outriggers, it is possible to work in depths greater than these. Machine type has been inspected and approved in accordance with water traffic regulations in Finland. Big Floats are well suited for work on soft and muddy ground.

An efficient machine with superb outreach, the Big Float can also travel across or work on top of excavated and piled soil. As an option, Big Float machines can be equipped with special attachments for pile driving, suction dredging and for the removal of aquatic vegetation. REMU will be pleased to answer any questions concerning the machines and their application.

Additional equipment

  • additional pontoons with outriggers (6 m)
  • central pressure lubrication
  • additional hydraulic lines and dredging lights
  • tilt with quick coupling
  • rake, clam shell bucket
  • pole-erecting bucket, screening bucket
  • dredge hose
  • measurement and indication of dredging depth etc.

Easy transport to sites because of patented construction. Ready to use after transportation; no need to reassemble. Simple construction, good stability, easy to control in the water.

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