Zaxis 50U-2: Tiny Titan with an Attitude

MOLINE, Ill. (January 22, 2008) The Zaxis 50U-2 is currently the largest compact excavator Hitachi offers in North America. Popular with contractors, it is nimble, powerful, and designed to keep its tail close to its tracks rather than bashing into fences or walls.


It has fast cycle times and plenty of drawbar pull to increase productivity. Automatic shifting between high and low travel speeds allows the machine to automatically shift into low when more power is needed. A long arm and heavy counterweight option provides an additional foot of dig depth and reach while maintaining excellent stability.


The ZX50U-2 is an engineering marvel. Although small in size and footprint, it has the same distinctive big-boy qualities Hitachi users expect long life, smooth hydraulics, multifunction operations, steel covers, reinforced D-channel frame, lubricant-impregnated HN bushings, and a box-section frame. The counterweight is large while the undercarriage is weighted to lower the center of gravity and increase stability. The auto-idle feature reduces fuel consumption.


The manual quick-coupler makes fast work of bucket and attachment switchovers. Boom-mounted auxiliary hydraulic lines and an auxiliary return-flow selector valve accommodate both one- and two-way hydraulically driven attachments. Use buckets, clamps, hydraulic wrists, breakers, augers, compactors and more. An auxiliary-function foot control comes standard.


The Hitachi-designed rubber shoes feature a steel-cored structure and a special high-hardness rubber to help divert forces that crack shoe edges. For tougher applications, optional steel grouser shoes can be ordered. The ZX50U-2 comes standard with a ROPS/FOPS canopy, adjustable seat, and generously sized entryways. The optional enclosed cab comes with heat and air conditioning as well as a cloth suspension seat.


Daily maintenance chores are easy. Inspection points are concentrated for quick daily maintenance just open two covers. The cabin floor can be tilted up to 50 degrees for easy and quick servicing. The X-beam track frame is rounded for easy mud removal while the one-sided slope on the side track frame minimizes mud packing. Split-type front hoses are jointed at the machine cover ports and the back of the boom for easy replacement.


For more information about the ZX50U-2, go to or visit your local Hitachi dealer.

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