New Caterpillar® 345D L Hydraulic Excavator Delivers More Power, Excellent Fuel Economy and Longer Life

Caterpillar introduces the 345D L hydraulic excavator, a direct replacement for the 345C L. The new model builds on the strengths of its predecessor, while incorporating new designs that enhance performance and durability.

Engine horsepower has been increased by 10 percent, yet the 345D L uses about the same amount of fuel in tough digging, high duty cycle applications. To conserve fuel during light-duty work, the hydraulic and engine control system has been redesigned to include a new power management feature. The operator now has the flexibility to select from alternative engine and hydraulic power settings without sacrificing breakout force or lift capacity. The alternative power options are accessible through the new D-Series monitor in the cab.

The new excavator also has undercarriage improvements, a heavier counterweight for greater stability and lifting performance, a standard heated seat and other new features to make the Cat® 345D L a valuable tool for high-production excavating, loading and underground utilities work.

More power for tougher jobs
The 345D L is equipped with a 380-horsepower (283-kW) Cat C13 engine with ACERT® Technology. The engine delivers 10 percent more power than the previous model, meets EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations and offers outstanding performance, reliability and life.

Hydraulic flow has been increased by 2 percent. The main implement pump has been redesigned, and an electric regeneration circuit has been added to boost hydraulic efficiency and reliability.

With its higher horsepower engine and more efficient hydraulic system, the new excavator outperforms its predecessor, but it does not sacrifice fuel efficiency. In production applications, the 345D L moves more material per unit of fuel burned. In less intensive applications, alternative power options can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent while delivering productivity levels comparable to the C-Series model.

Stable, durable and transportable
The 345D L has three undercarriage arrangements to match varying application and transportation requirements: fixed gauge, variable gauge and wide variable gauge. Each option provides excellent stability and long life. Track links have been redesigned to extend service life, and a new carrier roller design improves reliability. For extreme underfoot conditions or jobs requiring significant travel, a cast idler and Positive Pin Retention 2 track are available as attachments. A standard 9.0-metric ton counterweight enhances machine stability and lifting performance.

Easy operation, convenient service
Like the model it replaces, the 345D L is designed for operators and technicians. The cab is spacious, quiet and comfortable with good ventilation, ergonomic controls and an easy-to-read monitor that displays information in 27 languages to accommodate a diverse workforce. For extra comfort and productivity, a high-back, heated, air-suspension seat is now standard. An optional rear-view camera and Work Area Vision System (WAVS) enhance visibility, productivity and job site safety.

The 345D L retains its predecessor™s serviceable design with easy-access service points and extended maintenance intervals. A new 24-volt power port in the battery compartment accommodates service lights and other electrical equipment. A new electric priming pump is located in the battery compartment, along with the secondary fuel filter that was moved to that area to improve access. Product Link, a Cat system that streamlines asset tracking and maintenance management, comes standard on the 345D L.

Work tools and attachments expand versatility
An extensive selection of work tools makes the new excavator a versatile performer in a variety of applications. An optional Tool Control System lets the operator pre-set flows and pressures for as many as 10 work tools using the in-cab monitor. Then the operator can select the tool at the touch of a button, without resetting the hydraulic system. To maximize versatility and reduce costs, C-Series buckets can be used on the D-Series model. The hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler enables a machine operator to change work tools seconds without ever leaving the cab. The coupler also allows attaching a bucket in reverse mode for trench finishing.

Other popular options include High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights with a time delay function; Machine Security System, which deters theft, vandalism and unauthorized usage; and a second-generation AccuGradeTM system. The new AccuGrade system helps every operator ” regardless of skill level ” work faster and more accurately. It features an electronic cab avoidance function that prevents damage resulting from contact between the cab, front linkage and bucket. An e-ceiling function protects the machine from interference with overhead obstacles.

For more information about the 345D L, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit

Basic Specifications for the 345D L Excavator

Engine Cat C13
Rated power 380 hp (283 kW)
Operating weight
Fixed gauge undercarriage
Variable gauge undercarriage
100,040 lb (45 375 kg)
108,610 lb (49 265 kg)
Max flow 194 gal/min (734 l/min)
Max pressure implements 5,080 psi (35 000 kPa)
Max pressure heavy lift 5,511 psi (38 000)
Travel speed 2.8 mph (4.5 kph)
Max dig depth* 26 ft 11 in. (8 200 mm)
Max reach ground level 39 ft 9 in. (12 120 mm)
Lift capacity over front @ 10 ft (3.0 m) @ 20 ft (6.0 m) 30,050 lb (13 930 kg)
Drawbar pull 75,920 lb (338 kN)

* 22 ft 8 in. (6.9 m) boom, 12 ft 10 in. (3.9 m) stick

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