John Deere Introduces New 120D and 135D Excavators

MOLINE, Illinois (Oct. 2, 2008) ” John Deere is offering two new hydraulic excavators in the 12- to 13.5-metric-ton range, the 120D and 135D mid-sized machines with big performance.

The 120D is a perfect dig-and-run unit for jobs such as excavating basements or placing pipe and transports easily between jobs. The 135D is a reduced-tail-swing machine capable of maximum production in confined areas and work within a single lane of traffic. A short counterweight allows it to dig nearer to buildings and obstructions.

Both these machines have the hallmarks of our D-Series line, including our Powerwise III engine and hydraulic management system for smooth power and fuel savings, and roomy, comfortable cabs with great visibility, said Mark Wall, excavator product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry.

Power and Precision

Deere™s packed plenty of power in both excavators, with long-running Tier 3-certified diesels. Thanks to the Powerwise III engine/hydraulic management system, that power is delivered with pinpoint metering for smooth, predictable control.

A hydraulic recirculation system delivers a more efficient flow to the boom and arm, speeding multifunction operation and cycle times.

Three modes can be selected to match the engine rpm to the operating conditions and application. The new E mode for light-duty work reduces fuel consumption without sacrificing productivity. The H/P (high-power) mode increases engine rpm to boost horsepower for working through tough spots. The engine rpm automatically returns to normal once the resistance is overcome.

When changing attachments, simply match the hydraulic flow to the attachment using the new LCD display monitor there™s no need to leave the cab.

The optional backfill blade handles backfill and cleanup duties, while providing additional stability for running hydraulic hammers and other heavy-duty attachments.

On the 120D, an optional cool-on-demand system features a highly efficient fan that runs only as needed, reducing noise, fuel consumption and operating costs. A reversing option on the 120Ds equipped with cool-on-demand automatically back-blows cooler cores to reduce debris buildup.

Comfort and Uptime
Operators can be more productive in the 120D and 135D excavators due to the easy-to-enter, comfortable cab. The cab is spacious and well appointed. It is also isolation mounted and offers substantial, virtually unrestricted visibility, as well as ergonomically arranged controls. Machine operations can be monitored with ease on the intuitive, multifunction LCD screen. All the creature comforts are there as well, like automatic climate control, AM/FM radio, and a deluxe-suspension multi-position seat.

Both excavators are engineered for long life. Tungsten-carbide coated surfaces and oil-impregnated boom, arm and bucket bushings deliver long-term durability. Large, easy-to-open service doors provide ample access to dipsticks, sight gauges, and spin-on vertical engine and hydraulic filters for simple daily and periodic servicing. Extended engine and hydraulic oil-service intervals increase uptime and reduce daily operating costs.

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is the world”s leading provider of advanced products and services for agricultural and forestry and a major provider of advanced products and services for construction, lawn and turf care, landscaping and irrigation. John Deere also provides financial services worldwide and manufactures and markets engines used in heavy equipment. Since it was founded in 1837, the company has extended its heritage of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation around the globe. John Deere Construction & Forestry produces more than 120 machine models and distributes its construction, forestry and worksite products. For more information, visit

Key Specifications:             120D                               135D
Net Power                        93 net hp                          93 net hp         

Operating Weight              28,498 lbs.                       32,747 lbs.

Arm Breakout Force          12,823lbs.                        12, 942 lbs.

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