Gehl Company, a leader manufacturer of compact equipment for agriculture and construction markets, is pleased to announce the addition of the 283Z Zero-Tail-Swing Compact Excavator to its line up.

By offering the new 283Z Compact Excavator, Gehl has extended its existing zero-tail-swing product range in the lower weight category. The 2.8-ton 283Z can be transported easily on a passenger car trailer with a permissible weight of 3.5 tons.

The new Gehl 283Z Excavator features zero-tail-swing maneuverability, which allows the machine”s superstructure to rotate entirely within the tracks. The 283Z compact excavator can operate close to walls and obstructions without risk of contact. Its small size, weighing 5,681 lbs. (2577 kg) with a cab, and maneuverability make it a perfect fit for operating on congested sites without obstructing traffic.

Other excavator manufacturers compromise operator space and serviceability to gain zero-tail-swing maneuverability. The 283Z excavator, however, boasts an innovative design that enahnces both operator space and serviceability. The size of the operator”s compartment is maximized by mounting the powerful 20.4 hp (15.2 kW) Yanmar diesel engine on the side of the machine, and the hydraulic and fuel tanks on the rear of the machine. This provides the operator with more space and legroom. The new 283Z excavator is available with a canopy or a cab, which brings comfort to a whole new level. Cabs come standard with heater/defroster, interior light, windshield wiper, windshield washer system and the ability to open the cab windows for natural vetilation.

In order to maximize serviceability, a large, lockable engine hood opens to allow complete access to hydraulic system test ports, hydraulic pumps and all engine components.

The 283Z excavator boasts improved traction and increased service life of the tracks due to the narrow track width of 11.8″ (300 mm) and low ground pressure of 3.8 psi (26.2 kPa). In addition, the optional 250 lb. (115 kg) rear weight can be added to further increase stability with no tail projection.

In addition to its many great features, the components used on the 283Z excavators are made to last, which results in lower owning and operating costs. For example, all pivot points on the bucket, dipper arm, boom and swing brackets use spiral groove grease-able bushings. Not only are they easily replaceable, they guide the grease all the way around the pivot pins to extend service life.

Gehl Company (NASDAQ: GEHL) is a leading manufacturer of equipment used worldwide in construction and agriculture applications. Founded in 1859, the company is headquartered in West Bend, Wis. For more information, visit or contact the Gehl literature hotline at 800-628-0491.

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