KATY, TX January 15, 2009 It™s been quite an impressive year for LiuGong Machinery Corporation.  This past year, the company received China™s only National Quality AwardÂť for the machine industry.  And now, LiuGong™s North American division is introducing its 21 ton excavator to dealers in March, bringing even more high quality equipment from this top manufacturing company to the U.S.

            The LiuGong 922LCIII Excavator is the most popular size sold in the United States.  The machine has been tested by U.S. operators over the past year and received rave reviews from dealers and customers alike for its performance and competitive price. 

The 922LCIII ensures higher customer service, being backed by LiuGong™s National Quality AwardÂť, the highest honor in Chinese quality management awarded to those companies who have established quality improvement processes which will drive continuous development based on customer feedback.  The National Quality Award is the equivalent of the Malcolm Baldridge award in the U.S.

Customers will see excellent production and durability from a machine that provides great value,Âť says George Lumpkins, director of aftermarket support and product development of the 922LCIII.

            To make sure the 922LCIII is as efficient as possible, LiuGong gave it a powerful, U.S. manufactured Cummins Tier III 6.9 liter engine which produces 155 horsepower and has 456 feet/pounds of torque.

            Users will immediately notice the savings they receive when using this machine.  Because of the low acquisitions cost, plus the fact that the 922LCIII will move equal or greater quantities of material, the customer™s cost per yard of material moved is significantly lowerÂť, states Ron Hargrave, president of LiuGong North America.

            Additional features that help make this another quality product from LiuGong include an HD cooling system and world-class components such as Kawasaki pumps, control valves and swing transmission, Hy Dash final drives and Kayaba hydraulic cylinders. The 922LCIII also is equipped with an engine speed sensing hydraulic system for maximum performance and economy.  For a full list of features, or to learn more about the 922LCIII capabilities, visit

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