The new CX80 excavator

The new CX80 excavator from Case Construction Equipment combines the power of a full-size excavator with the flexibility of a compact.

The CX80 is similar in size to the Case CX75 with one major difference — the CX80 features a center-swing boom.  Because of the center-swing design, an operator can position himself right along a foundation, or dig directly next to walls, buildings or other fixed objects.   The versatile swing-boom can be positioned anywhere within a 130 degree arc.   Use the machine as a standard excavator or swing the boom on an angle to accommodate any challenging application.

For maximum job versatility, two arm lengths are available: 5™7 for maximum lift capacity and break out force and 6™11 for applications that require additional reach. A powerful machine with arm digging forces of up to 8,610 lbs and bucket digging forces of 12,792 lbs.

The Case CX80 model features engine power of 52 net horsepower (39kW), and a tight swing radius of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m) for performance in even the most cramped quarters.  The standard back fill blade allows an operator to dig a trench along a foundation, position a pipe and back fill with one versatile machine the Case CX80.

CX80 Net Engine Power 39.1 kW
52 hp
Max Bucket Size -->
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