The new CX75 minimum-swing-radius excavator

The new CX75 minimum-swing-radius excavator from Case Construction Equipment excels at digging and lifting in the tightest work areas such as road projects, urban construction and on congested job sites.

Its unique design allows the excavator to dig where others struggle ” even directly against the sides of buildings, a lot line, or other obstruction thanks to its optional offset boom. The offset boom pivots at a joint between the arm and boom, allowing the bucket to be placed off center for parallel digging even beyond the edge of the machine™s own tracks.

The Case CX75 model features engine power of 52 net horsepower (39kW), bucket digging force of 12,792 pounds (56.9 kN) and a tight swing radius of 4 feet 0 inches (1.21 m) for performance in even the most cramped quarters.

The tail-swing radius for the CX75 is 2 feet 1 inch (0.64 m) tighter than for the Case 9007B and the CX130. The bucket digging force on the CX75 with the offset boom option is 12,792 pounds (56.9 kN).

The CX75 also features a hydraulically controlled dozer blade with maximum depth of 8 inches (203 mm) and height of 1 foot 4 inches (406 mm).

CX 75SR Net Engine Power 39.1 kW
52 hp
Max Bucket Size 340 L
0.45 cu yd
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