The CX17B Compact Excavator

The CX17B Compact Excavator delivers more power, greater stability, and faster cycle times than the CX14 it replaces.

The Case CX17B delivers 15.15 net horsepower (11.3 kW), a 30-percent increase over the CX14. The swing speed of 0-8.6 rpm is increased 40 percent, while bucket force is increased 19 percent at 3,417 lb (1550 kg). Arm force is increased 16 percent to 2,248 lb (1020 kg), and lift capacity over the side is increased by eight to 10 percent to 1,380 lb (620 kg).

Along with the power upgrades, cycle times are faster due to a larger-capacity hydraulic pump. In addition, working range is increased by nearly half a foot with a longer boom.

Enhanced operator comfort
The new three-post ROPS provides exceptionally easy entry and egress and gives the operator a less-interrupted view of the surrounding worksite, making it easy to complete precise digging or attachment operations.

Pilot-operated hand controls deliver comfortable, highly responsive functionality. For maximum productivity, a selectable control-pattern changer lets the operator choose their preferred control pattern.

The center-swing boom design provides productive digging around stationary objects or alongside obstacles. A display panel includes readouts on engine oil pressure, water temperature, low-fuel warning, hour meter and more.

Best-in-class maintenance and serviceability
Serviceability has been improved by 21 percent, as measured by the standard serviceability index. Easy servicing increases machine usage and lowers ownership costs.

Reliability and stability for tough jobs
The arm has been strengthened so the machine is better able to handle breaker attachments and the rigors of everyday use.

The CX17B has an added measure of stability with a 20-percent increase in overall machine weight and a wider stance to provide greater stability while retaining a zero tail swing.

CX17B Net Engine Power 11.3 kW
15.15 hp
Max Bucket Size
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