Hitachi introduces the Zaxis 120-3, its newest utility-class excavator

The new Hitachi ZW120-3 can handle everything from the mundane to the exotic, without missing a beat. Dig basements, load trucks, place pipe- it”s all in a day”s work for this small but powerful  utility- class excavator. Easily towed behind a dump-truck and available with rubber crawler pads and a backfill blade, the ZW120-3 delivers the power, precision, fuel efficiency, and smoothness contractors have come to expect from Hitachi.

Small machine, big results

Just what can the 28,498-pound ZX120-3 with its 93-horse power Isuzu engine and patented HIOS III hydraulic system accomplish? It can generate 24,720 pounds of seing torque, wield an impressive 12,823-pound breakout force, and lift a maximum of 11,443 pounds over the front at a distance of 15 feet (blade on ground). In addition, three power modes, two travel modes, and one work mode provide what it takes to get the job done.

When it comes to finesse, next-generation pilot valves provide improved responsiveness and control. The ergonomic, short-throw levers are easy to use. Best-in-class metering and smooth multifunction operations provide precision on the field. And thanks to the extremely fuel-thrifty four cylinder Isuzu engine and long engine and hydraulic oil-change intervals, your diesel dollars will stretch further.

Creature Comforts

The ZW120-3 features a large, comfortable cab. It has plenty of legroom, a comfortable suspension seat that can slide together with or independent of the control console, ait conditioning, a hot/cold box for beverages or snacks, and lots of glass (including a tinted overhead hatch) for excellent visibility. Auxiliary attachment flow can be programmed in the cab, using the widescreen multilingual color LCD monitor. The monitor also provides easy access to maintenance and operational information.

Option Choices

The ZW120-3 is available with either 8-foot 3-inch or 9-foot 11-inch arm. Track choices include 20-inch rubber crawler pad or 24-inch or 28-inch triple semi-grouser steel shoes. A backfill blade is acailable, with the blade width varying according to the selected shoe size. A control pattern-change valve, single-pedal propel control, an air-suspension heated seat, and high-pressure, high-flow auxiliary hydraulic package are also available.

For more information about the Zaxis 120-3, go online to or visit your local Hitachi dealer.

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