PC200LC-8 and PC220LC-8 Driven by Improvements

Vernon Hills, IL, January 16, 2006”Komatsu America Corp. today introduced its brand new PC200LC-8 and PC220LC-8 hydraulic excavators.  These machines are distinguished by enhancements in efficiency, information technology upgrades, improvements in operator comfort and new low emission engines that improve fuel consumption. These new excavators exemplify the Komatsu design concept of matching highly efficient engines and advanced hydraulic systems to provide leading edge productivity and low-cost operation. 


The powerful PC220LC-8 has a flywheel horsepower of 168 HP and an operating weight of 54,309 to 54,926 pounds, while the PC200LC-8 has a flywheel horsepower of 148 HP and an operating weight between 45,480 and 46,690 pounds.


Both are equipped with the latest Komtrax technology which enables the machine to send machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Hour meter, location, cautions and maintenance alerts to name a few of its features are relayed to the web application for analysis.  The Komtrax fleet monitoring system increases machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft, allows for remote diagnosis by the distributor, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency and productivity.


Special features of the new PC200LC-8 and PC220LC-8 include:


  • Low emission engine results in reduced fuel consumption

Both hydraulic excavators are equipped with the newly-developed, powerful, low emission Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine that significantly reduces NOx emissions with an accurate multi-staged fuel injection system.  The PC220LC-8 engine meets EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission regulations; the PC200LC-8 is ready for these regulations. Both were developed without sacrificing power or machine productivity. Economy mode improves fuel consumption further, with an eco-gauge for energy-saving operations and an operator caution for extended idling. 


  • Hydraulic system complements efficiency

An improved pump flow merge divide valve, a reduction in pressure loss by high-efficiency hydraulic components, as well a new arm quick return circuit all contribute to productivity and efficiency enhancements.



  • Large multi-color monitor for the best view

The easy-to-view  7Âť monitor enables accurate and smooth work and displays data in 10 languages for global support.  The multi-function color monitor has a Power mode, Economy mode, Lifting mode, Breaker operation and Attachment mode.  The automatic air conditioner also displays on the same monitor panel.


  • Operator comfort a top priority

Komatsu™s dedication to continually improve operator comfort ensures the highest levels of operator productivity and efficiency. A new innovative hydraulic excavator cab design gains reinforced strength from the pipe-structured cab framework.  It improves operator protection in the event of tip or rollover and continues to offer high visibility.  An optional rear view camera displays the image on the 7Âť monitor screen.


Noise and vibration in the cab is significantly decreased and the highly pressurized cab also has an automatic air conditioner for ultimate operator comfort.  In addition, the seat and console are designed with console-mounted armrests that enable the operator to adjust for maximum comfort.


  • Easy maintenance and lower operating costs

These new hydraulic excavators are equipped with the EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System), which includes a maintenance function and trouble data memory function. The machine controllers continually monitor machine condition before start up and during operation.  Any abnormalities are immediately displayed.  This smart monitor also notifies replacement time of oil and filters, and stores abnormalities for effective troubleshooting.  All of Komatsu™s conventional excavators come standard with the company™s unique high-pressure in-line filters installed at each pump discharge port to provide added protection from hydraulic system contamination.


Komatsu America Corp. is a U.S. subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. which is the world™s second largest manufacturer and supplier of construction, mining and compact construction equipment.  Through its distributor network, Komatsu offers a state-of-the-art parts and service program to support the equipment. Komatsu has proudly been providing high-quality reliable products for nearly a century.  Visit the website at www.komatsuamerica.com for more information.

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