PACCAR Parts Offers CARB-Approved Aftermarket DPF

RENTON, Wash. ” Jan. 29, 2009 ” Heavy-duty truck operators can breathe a little easier even though new California state regulations will soon require them to significantly reduce emissions from their trucks.
PACCAR Parts dealers now offer the Engine Control Systems Purifilter(TM), an aftermarket passively regenerating diesel particulate filter approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for installation and use in a wide variety of Class 8 truck models.  
We™re pleased to offer the Engine Control Systems Purifilter because of its reliability and durability, said Jeff Sass, general marketing manager for PACCAR Parts. It was the first DPF recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reduce particulate matter emissions by 85 percent and the first passive DPF to meet CARB™s strict 20 percent nitrogen oxides requirement. With that kind of reduction, truck operators will meet CARB™s new emission regulations.

The California Air Resources Board intends to provide up to $1 billion in state money to defray the cost of buying and installing the diesel particulate filters, Sass added. Truck operators who buy and install these diesel particulate filters now, ahead of deadlines, may be eligible for larger grants.
PACCAR Parts distributes the device exclusively through Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers in the United States and Canada.
The PACCAR Parts distribution program is very important to ECS as well as our customers. Similar to the PACCAR Parts program, the ECS brand represents product quality, high performance and compliance with ARB and EPA program objectives, said Ed Richards, CEO of Engine Control Systems.  
The Engine Control Systems Purifilter DPF features a silicon carbide filter for exceptional regeneration, performance and durability. It™s approved for use with a wide variety of model year 1993 through 2006 heavy-duty trucks, in a number of on-highway applications, regardless of manufacturer. The Engine Control Systems Purifilter has also received conditional verification from CARB for use with certain 1996-2008 off-road diesel engines that are rated at least 50 hp, but no more than 750 hp. The verification covers engines certified for off-road use on equipment such as trucks, loaders, dozers, and skidders.
Each Purifilter model is available in five different inlet/outlet configurations with either standard stamped flanges or optional machined flanges. The 100 percent stainless steel modular design allows for 360 degree rotation of the muffler inlet and outlet sections to provide the greatest range of fit. The dimensions of a Purifilter vary depending on application. The smallest filter weighs about 75 pounds and is 10 inches in diameter (11 5/8-inch diameter at the mating flanges) and measures 38 inches in length (including inlet and outlet tubes). The largest filter weighs about 125 pounds and is 13 inches in diameter (15 inches at the mating flanges) and measures 43 inches in length.

Engine Control Systems also manufactures and supplies Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers a wide range of mounting and installation hardware and customized parts. With both horizontal and vertical mounting options, an ECS Purifilter can be made to fit in almost any vehicle.

A backpressure monitor and logger system, included with the Purifilter, will record vehicle duty cycle information for up to two years. The monitor and logger system allows truck operators to continually monitor the filter™s condition. The filter requires ash removal at periodic intervals based on the truck™s duty cycle.
By offering the Purifilter, we™re helping truck operators significantly reduce microscopic soot particles in exhaust emissions, which research has shown contributes to various health problems, Sass said.
The California Air Resources Board approved in December 2008 new regulations requiring truck operators in 2011 to gradually reduce emissions of soot and, eventually, nitrogen oxides from their trucks. The regulations aim to help the state™s air districts meet federal air-quality standards since heavy-duty trucks are purported to contribute a significant share of smog-forming emissions. CARB aims to reduce soot pollution by 85 percent by 2022.
In order to achieve those reductions, the new regulations specify that truck operators can choose remedies ranging from purchasing new trucks, replacing old engines with new ones, or installing diesel particulate filters. Nearly all vehicles must be upgraded by 2014, and engines older than 2010 models will have to be replaced between 2012 and 2022.
Even though the California regulations only affect operators who run trucks in the Golden State, other states often closely follow the state™s detailed regulatory process.
Sass recommends truck operators talk to a local PACCAR Parts dealer, who can perform a full fleet evaluation and truck inspections to help them determine whether the Purifilter diesel particulate filters can be installed on their trucks. The PACCAR Parts dealer can also help truck operators determine eligibility for state grants to help them buy and install them.
Eventually, all truck operators will need to replace their equipment with new truck models as truck and engine manufacturers make advancements in emission reduction technology, Sass said. Buying and installing these diesel particulate filters now allows truck operators to continue making money on their current rolling stock until they™re ready to buy or lease new trucks.
How the Engine Control Systems Purifilter(TM) Works

The Purifilter contains a silicon carbide filter substrate, formed in a honeycomb design; alternating cells are open on one end and plugged at the outlet end. As the exhaust flows through the open inlet cells, it™s forced through the micro-porous walls to the outlet cells, which filter the particulate matter from the exhaust.
During a regular duty cycle, exhaust temperatures burn the soot and the catalyzed filter oxidizes more than 90 percent of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.
As silicon carbide filter substrates possess higher thermal conductivity than other traditional ceramics such as cordierite, they can better handle extreme temperature variations that might occur in retrofit applications. Silicon carbide also has an extremely low chemical reactivity with lube ash and fuel additives and a superior noise dampening capability comparable to high-grade mufflers.

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