FECON, Inc. Introduces the BHP 350 Power Pack for Maximizing Excavator Based Mulching Performance.

A true innovation in mulching technology, the new generation BHP350  Power Pack offers peak grinding power by maintaining virtually constant horse power to the grinding head. It is controlled by Fecon Power Management microcontroller that directs all of the available Power directly to the mulcher. The microcontroller manages engine and hydraulic performance in real time.  A control panel inside the excavator™s cab allows the operator to monitor operation and see that the mulcher is getting maximum horsepower at all times. Reduced fuel consumption, and improved engine power are additional benefits offered by the FECON™s BHP350.


The BHP 350 Power Pack features a 350 HP Cummins Engine powering two high performance hydraulic pumps that will provide 140 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow to the grinding head.  


FECON has also ensured easy accessibility to the engine and components for routine maintenance.


Applications for the BHP350 Power pack include: Land Clearing, Wildland Urban Interface Mechanical Fuel Treatments, Slash Pile Treatment, Orchard Clean Up and Removal, ROW Maintenance, Forestry Applications ..and much more.


To step up to true maximum mulching performance and for more information on Fecon™s BHP 350 call 800-528-3113 or visit www.fecon.com

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