517 Track Skidder

The 517 Skidder is a state-of-the-art machine that represents Caterpillar”s commitment to the logging industry. The 517 Skidder builds upon a strong history of reliability and durability set by the 527 and previous generations of Caterpillar track-type skidders.




Units:  US

Net Flywheel Power

120 hp

89.5 kW

Engine Model

Cat® 3304 DIT

Cat® 3304 DIT

Gross Power

136 hp

101 kW

Operating Specifications

Track on Ground

114.57 in

2910 mm

Travel Speed – Fwd. 1st

2.3 mph

3.7 km/h

Travel Speed – Fwd. 2nd

4.1 mph

6.6 km/h

Travel Speed – Fwd. 3rd

7.1 mph

11.5 km/h

Travel Speed – Rev. 1st

2.8 mph

4.6 km/h

Travel Speed – Rev. 2nd

5 mph

8 km/h

Travel Speed – Rev. 3rd

8.8 mph

14.2 km/h





Operating Weight

38234.72 lb

17343 kg



3-Speed Powershift

3-Speed Powershift

Fuel Tank

Fuel Capacity

69 gal

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