Vermeer® SC1152 and SC652 stump cutters feature industry-leading design

Vermeer has introduced the SC1152 and SC652 stump cutters” designed to enhance cutting and the ability to maneuver through tough jobsite conditions. An innovative and unique four-bar linkage allows the cutter wheel to move away from the machine as the boom drops down toward the stump, reducing the need to reposition the entire unit. Both units can achieve cutting heights of 31 inches (79 cm) above ground and 25 inches (64 cm) below grade. Full-time four-wheel drive and variable speed control provide traction in difficult ground conditions. An optional remote control provides propel, boom and steering-function control. Chips ca be easily moved on the jobsite with an optional 34-inch (86 cm) wide front-mounted chip blade.

Vermeer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of tree care equipment, has introduced the SC1152 and SC652 stump cutters, designed to help enhance efficiency with sizeable cutting width and the ability to maneuver in uneven terrain.

A unique four-bar linkage is designed to allow the cutter wheel to move away from the machine as the boom drops down toward the stump, reducing the need to reposition the entire unit and helping to boost performance. Both units have the ability to remove stumps up to 31 inches (79 cm) above ground and 25 inches (64 cm) below grade, and the cutter wheel guard remains parallel with the ground, providing smooth movements over obstacles. A straight-line cutting width of 72 inches (183 cm) at ground level allows the unit to easily remove wide stumps.

The cutter wheel is powered by a heavy-duty variable displacement hydrostatic pump. This design eliminates the need for clutch-and belt-drive maintenance, and the inline drive system between the motor and gearbox are connected by a driveshaft with u-joints, so no side loads are placed on the motor, which helps reduce premature wear to seals and other motor components. Both units are powered by a Cummins diesel engine. The SC1152 features a Tier 3 engine and produces 110 hp (82 kW) of power and 306 ft-lb (415 Nm) of torque.

Several features enable both units to maneuver through difficult and uneven ground conditions. A variable displacement pump and series of flow dividers power the full-time four-wheel drive by transferring oil flow and power independently to each wheel motor.

The machine is equipped with a differential lock/unlock feature so the operator can choose between maximum pulling power when ground conditions limit traction or minimum turf disturbance while making tight turns.

Variable speed ground drive provides the operator greater control operation, transport and loading/unloading. A single joystick is used to maneuver the machine forward and in reverse while a switch controls the steering. An additional switch is provided for creep control for manuevering around the stump or while loading on a trailer. The operator can choose between high range for normal travel up tp 150 fpm )45.7 m/min) on the SC652 and 130 fpm (39.6 m/min) with the SC1152 while both offer a low range at 100 fpm (30.5 m/min) for the creep function as the jobsite requires.

An optional remote control allows the operator to control the forward / reverse propel, boom swing/raise/lower, steering, and creep functions up to 100 feet (31 m) away. The oscillating steering axle provides 8 inches (20 cm) of wheel travel uneven ground conditions while maintaining four-wheel contact.

A three-position, swing-out control station allows the unit to be operated in confined spaces with the control station in the intermediate position. All controls at the operator station are electronically controlled, eliminating potential damage to hydraulic hoses and valves caused by rotation of the operator station. In narrow jobsite conditions that restrict use of the main control station located over the optioanl chip blade or standard bumper at the front end of the machine.

The optional 34-inch (86-cm) wide front-mounted chip blade can be used to easily move chips around the jobsite, reducing the need to manually relocate the chips. The rounded lower edge of the blade helps reduce turf damage. Many daily service points are accesible from the exterior of the machine, including an air restriction indicator, engine oil and hydraulic oil level. The SC652 is equipped with hinged or removable panels to access routine maintenance points. Machine width with the outer dual tires removed is only 35 inches (86 cm), providing a compact footprint for enhanced maneuverability on confined jobsites.

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