Turn your Beast® into a whole tree chipper

A simple exchange of standard cutterbodies with knives converts the Beast® horizontal grinder into a chipping machine. One bolt holds in the knife and counter-knife, making it easy to change knives when they dull (they can be sharpened several times before being discarded).

The concept was developed to cater to the European fuel wood market, which has strict requirements on the size and quality of chip. Adding the knife set-up to the Beast® allowed the machine to produce an ideal chip for this market.

During research and develiopment testing, a 700-hp Model 3680 Beast® equipped with the new knife set-up produced thrirty-five tons of material from large-diameter frozen hardwood in 30 minutes with little vibration. Engineers were amazed at how quiet the machine ran, thanks to the smooth chipping action of the knives. Equipping the grinder with an optional thrower attachment allows the Beast® to truly act like a whole tree chipper, fully loading end-opening semi trailers and maximizing efficiency.

Convert your Beast® into one of the largest capacity whole tree chippers on the market! If your operation calls for processing fairly clean wood, such as logging slash and some land clearing operations, call your local Bandit dealer or 1-800-952-0178 to learn more about this exciting new option!

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