New Heavy Construction Equipment Cuts Days Out of Infrastructure Work.

Augusta, Georgia – Easy Cut LLC announced today that its Easy Cut pipe cutting system was implemented on an infrastructure jobsite adjacent to the I-20 interstate project. The site prep contractor Team Excavating has been working on the project since October 2008.

We took a look at what was specifically costing road and infrastructure jobs the most in labor and went at it from there, said Easy Cut LLC Service Manager, Tommy Russell. Once the problem areas were analyzed, we created our machinery to meet those specific needs. Applying the machine to the 60 inch reinforced concrete pipe that needed to be cut in Augusta was the last phase of field testing for the startup company. It would take a couple of guys upwards of five hours to cut one of these pipes by hand, said Bradley Barber, Managing Partner for Easy Cut LLC. We cut all seven pieces the crew needed in 4 hours and 45 minutes,” Barber said. “There is just no comparison to our machine”s efficiency.

Barber said.

The new machine cuts round pipe made of any material from reinforced concrete pipe, ductile iron pipe, CMP and more, up to 72 inches in diameter. A promotional video of the product demonstrates how a 36 concrete pipe can be cut in just over ten minutes. The current industry timeframe of cutting that size pipe by hand is about 2 hours.  The first time we field-tested the machine – it took us all by surprise, said Barber. We knew we had built a good, solid machine, but until you actually get it out there and test it, you never know what exactly to expect. To view Easy Cut in action, visit

Easy Cut LLC was formed in 2008 in Washington, Georgia and acts as an incubator for the design and manufacturing of heavy construction, railroad and mining equipment. To learn more about Easy Cut please visit their website at

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