6710B Track Mounted Heavy-Duty Horizontal Grinder

The Peterson model 6710B Track Mounted Horizontal Grinder is the newest model in Peterson™s popular line of Horizontal Grinders. Powered by a 1000-horsepower Caterpillar C27 diesel engine, the 6710B is designed for the biggest jobs. With a feed opening of 50 x 66 inches, the 6710B can even process large stumps that used to be reserved for tub grinders! The grinder is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired. A track mounted Horizontal Grinder also reduces material handling costs in conventional recycling yards, as well.

The 6710B features Peterson™s Adaptive Control System II, which controls all components of the feed system to optimize output. This third-generation system monitors the grinding load and varies the speed of the feed system to keep the engine working at the top of its power curve. It automatically accelerates the feed system when the engine load is light, slows when the load is high, and reverses engine speed drops. It even monitors the engine temperature and varies the cooling fan speed to minimize power usage and reduce fuel consumption.

Peterson™s three-stage grinding process with an up turning rotor and large grate area enables the 6710B to produce materials to exact specifications. The quick-change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials. Grates are removed through an access door on the side wall of the 6710B.

Unique to Peterson Grinders is our innovative latching Impact Release System, which minimizes damage from contaminants in the feed material. The anvil and first grate open on a severe impact, allowing the contaminant to be ejected, and then re-latch to permit continuous grinding.

Another major innovation on the 6710B is Peterson™s Impact Cushion System. Urethane cushions allow movement of the compression roll/anvil housing pivot shaft, cushioning impacts due to contaminants in the feed material. Shear pins above the cushion and a sensing circuit that stop the engine help protect the shaft from catastrophic damage in the event of a severe impact.

Rotor options include a traditional drumÂť style rotor for general applications, and a pinnedÂť style for high impact applications such as contaminated construction & demolition (C&D).

Peterson specializes in developing delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.
Since 1982 Peterson has manufactured equipment for customers in over 20 countries.

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