Versa Mats Ground Protection Mats

  • Easy to Walk on
  • Safe to Work on
  • Great to Drive on
VersaMats are a totally new mat design, created for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The new flat, slip-resistant finish assures safe foot traffic without fear of turning an ankle and vehicles can cross soft terrain without fear of getting stuck. VersaMats are ideal for a wide variety of applications wherever pathways, parking areas and vehicle movement are considerations.


Approx. Ship.Wt.
  Size Item Number lbs. kg
Black Mats 4″x8″ (1.22 x 2.44m) VM48 86.00 (39.00)
3″x8″ (0.91 x 2.44m) VM38 64.00 (29.25)
White Mats 4″x8″ (1.22 x 2.44m) WV48 86.00 (39.00)
3″x8″ (0.91 x 2.44m) WV38 64.00 (29.25)

VersaMats Race Car Mats

Why Work on Your Race Car in
Dirt or Mud?

The ideal temporary pit surfaces

  • Solid 1/4″ thick polyethylene
  • Sizes: 3″x8″ and 4″x8″
  • Eliminate working in mud or dirt
  • Reusable pit mats
  • Keep tools clean and dry
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Full 6 year quarantee

Specify – VersaMats Race Car Mats

Approx. Ship.Wt.
  Size Item Number lbs.
Race Car Mats
3″x8″ (0.91 x 2.44m) LV38 33
4″x8″ (1.22 x 2.44m) LV48 43

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