New Jackhammer Lift Assist Available!

Ingersoll Rand MX90 operators now have access to a Jackhammer Lift Assist for their existing jackhammers. Integrated Tool Solutions (ITS) is proud to announce their newest release the, JA90-350IR Jackhammer Lift Assist. The JA90-350IR shares the existing air supply and delivers more than 350-lbs of controlled lifting force.

The IR adaptable Lift Assist uses a simple, yet unique U-bolt system to attach to the bottom of the MX90 Pavement Breaker (pictured below). Made of 6061 aluminum and stainless steel the JA90-350IR is durable and helps reduce the risk of jackhammer related back injuries while increasing productivity.

Prototype Shown attached to Ingersoll Rand MX90

“As was the case with our previous models, our design team was relentless in their pursuit to meet the overwhelming demand for a Jackhammer Lift Assist compatible to the Ingersoll Rand MX90. I am confident we have added another great Lift Assist to a popular line of Safety and Ergonomic Tools from Integrated Tool Solutions.” Jennifer Purczynski President, ITS

With the addition of the JA90-350IR, the Jackhammer Lift Assists now adapt to a majority of the 90-lb jackhammers/pavement breakers a majority of the 90-lb jackhammers/pavement breakers available on the market

“Although backhoes and skid steers have become a popular way of breaking up concrete and asphalt, many situations still require the hard labor of running a jackhammer. The Jackhammer Lift Assist is an essential tool to have on your truck. Our new IR [Ingersoll Rand] adaptable Lift Assist makes that possible for thousands more crew members worldwide.” Ron Jon SorVice President, ITS.

The JA90-350IR is available direct from ITS or through local distributors. Please visit the ITS website at  for more information.

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