JA90-350- “Revolutionizing the Jackhammer Industry”

The JA90-350 Jackhammer Lift Assist is specifically designed to assist operators with the lifting of a jackhammer. Actuating the JA90-350 with every cut allows the operator more control and ease of use while running the jackhammer. The ergonomically designed Jackhammer Lift Assist reduces operator stress and fatigue; therefore drastically reducing the risk of jackhammer related back injuries as well as improving job efficiency and productivity.

The innovative design of the JA90-350 is being recognized for its safety and increased productivity both domestically and worldwide. The patent pending JA90-350 Jackhammer Lift Assist is quickly “Revolutionizing the Jackhammer Industry.”


  • Aluminum Constructed Body Weighs Only 9 Pounds

  • Conforms to 90 percent of 4-bolt, spring 90lb. Jackhammers

  • Shares Existing Air Line

  • Approximately 350 Pounds of Lifting Force

  • Ergonomically Designed Lever

  • Quick & Easy Installation


  • Reduces the Risk of Back Injuries

  • Improves Job Efficiency & Productivity

  • More Control & Ease of Use

  • Reduces Operator Stress & Fatigue

  • Assist Operators with the Lifting of a Jackhammer During Use

About Us

Integrated Tool Solutions, LLC (ITS) creates safety and ergonomic tools that improve job efficiency and productivity as well as reduce workplace related injuries and claims. After years of research and development ITS made its debut by introducing the JA90-350 Jackhammer Lift Assist (patent pending). The JA90-350 has since been “Revolutionizing the Jackhammer Industry.”

Through extensive research and development ITS continues to develop tools with the end user in mind. Our mission is to produce cutting edge safety and ergonomic tools that are convenient, universal, and easy to use.

With the upcoming expansion of our product line underway, ITS will continue the tradition of providing ergonomically advanced tools throughout the utility and construction industries. Integrated Tool Solutions, LLC is headquartered in San Jacinto, California just northeast of San Diego County. All of our products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the United States of America.

Contact Us:

For additional information, please contact us via phone at (951) 929-4808 or visit our website at www.integratedtoolsolutions.com



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