Double Concial Aluminum Trailer

  • DOT Code 407

  • Size available: 8400, 9000, and 9500 gallon

  • Numerous plumbing/piping options

  • Several gauge options such as see level, Rochester and Titan

  • Air Ride Suspension


  • Aluminum wheels

  • Pro-Tech positive displacement pump mounted to trailer


  • Commodity: Unspecified fluids design 25 Psi internal

  • Pressure: 38 Psig Hydrostatic test

  • Length: 492″ head seam to head seam, 530″ (44″-2) OAL

  • Shell: 5454 H32 aluminum 66″ I.D. end, 76″ I.D. center, 1 circumferential seam at center

  • Head: 5454 Temper 0 Aluminum, Asme F&D

  • Baffle: 4-reinforced Asme F&D full dished

  • Welds: Internal- As welded, external-smoke and discoloration removed

  • Stiffener: 2″ X 5″ Aluminum channel, external

  • Rings: Solid welded

  • Manway: Knappco Lm 1110 20″ manhole with 6 cam over latches

  • Cleanouts: 4-3″ male pipe nipple with staimless steel on top center line, 1 in. lach baffle space over turn spill dam at top manway with drain hose.

  • Protection: Includes level gage port, relief valve and vapor recovery valve.

  • Lights: Full DOT lights, led sealed lights, harness and Junction box with terminal strip

  • Suspension: Watson Chalin Integra (light weight integrated) air ride, 30,000 lb per axle

  • Axles: 25,000 lb. round with outboard drums, dura-light lightweight hubs and cast lite drums

  • Wheels: 10 hole, steel disc, hub pilot, white

  • Tires: 11.00 x 24.5 radial

  • Brakes: 16 1/2 x7 with spring parking, auto slacks, wabco 4s-2m Abs system upper 5/16″ bolster plate on adjsutable

  • Coupler: 49″ truck 5th wheel height

  • Landing legs: 2 speed, heavy duty, high capacity lift

  • Bumper: Heavy duty per DOT requirements

  • Fenders: 3/4 fenders on front, full on rear

  • Mud Flaps: Anti sail

  • Hose Tube: 2-8″ x 20″ hose tube, one each side

  • Coating: Exterior, all steel surfaces white metal steel gut blast, 2 mil profile (sp-6), painted dry film thickness

  • Placards: 4-slide in placard frames, sides and rear pin on

  • Fire Extinguisher: 1-10 lb dry chemical for hydrocarbons bottom 6″x4″ high flow short radius 90 deg air

  • Valve: Operated emergency valve with shear section at bottom center discharge 4″ aluminum pipe forward with connections

  • Pipe: Both sides near landing gear to front. All 3 ends fitted with 4″ ttma flange, butterfly valve, cam lock and cap vapor 3″ air operated butterfly valve at tank top

  • Recovery: With contour pipe to bottom of tank, 3″ connection at drivers side and rear with butterfly valve, cam lock and cap

  • Reliefs: DOT specification, fort valve stainless steel pressure/vacuum relief valve, located in spill dam with air kit and gauge.

  • Level Gauge: 2 independent gages 1- “see level” electronic level indicator by garnet. 1- side mounted 31/2″ magnetic float indicator installed on drivers side.

  • Thermometer: 3″, 250 deg. installed on drivers side

  • Gauge: 60 psi gauge installed in vapor recovery line

  • Ladder: Bolt on ladder to spill box with top platform step, installed on drivers side

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