Ground Heaters* Introduces Versatile Hydronic Heater

Spring Lake, Michigan The new and innovative CH5000 Cross Heater, is a portable and flexible hydronic heater that can be used in thawing, frost prevention, curing, and air heating applications. The CH5000 provides impressive heat performance, eliminating the need for booster pumps. 


The new CH5000 Cross Heater increases productivity by providing complete climate control, in any environment, all with one unit. The CH5000 provides safe, clean, in-direct fired air heat, and since the unit remains outside of the structure no combustion by-products or open flame are introduced to the jobsite interior.


The CH5000 Cross Heater has the ability to quickly and economically thaw frozen ground at a rate of one foot per day. The unit includes 5,000 linear feet of heat transfer hose capable of thawing up to 10,000 square feet of ground. Thawing time can be reduced fifty percent by simply adding additional hoses and decreasing hose spacing.


When using the new hydronic heater, up to 15,000 square feet of ground can be heated to help prevent frost or pre-heat the ground in preparation for curing. By adding additional hose, contractors can increase ground coverage up to 45,000 square feet.


The unit™s heat transfer hose can be placed over 10,000 square feet of concrete slabs on grade, elevated slabs, poured walls or columns to help speed the curing process. Up to 30,000 square feet of concrete can be cured with additional heat transfer hose.


An on-board remote manifold and enhanced gear pump allows the CH5000 Cross Heater to quickly and easily convert to providing air heat. Contractors simply connect heat exchangers to the heat transfer hose and the CH5000 can provide up to 735,000 cubic feet of dry, uniform air heat.


Moisture-laden materials can also be quickly and easily salvaged with the CH5000. By using heat exchangers with the unit, the CH5000 produces a dry, hot air that, when coupled with air movement, acts as a dehumidifier allowing wet materials to release moisture faster, thus eliminating a mold-growth environment. The unit has the capacity to dry up to 288,000 cubic feet of space.


Equipped with an adjustable thermostat controller, the CH5000 is ideal for the temperature sensitive processes of concrete curing, air heating and drying. The unit™s 550,000 BTU / hr hydronic heater and gear pump provide maximum flow and pressure, creating a much greater heat transfer flow by decreasing the time it takes the fluid to cycle through the system. 


The CH5000 offers enhanced flexibility to contractors with its ability to run on either natural gas, propane or diesel. Utilizing a 250-gallon diesel fuel tank, the unit provides up to 105 hours of continuous use, providing worry-free operation. 


Additionally, the CH5000 features a performance monitoring light giving the user a visual indicator that all systems are operating properly.  A remote monitoring system is also available, which will notify the user via cell phone or e-mail if there is a problem with the unit.


The CH5000 is available with an on-board, self-contained genset. The 2,800-rpm generator produces 12 kW with its liquid-cooled, diesel engine.  Other features of the CH5000 include a fuel-line heater for trouble-free starts, optional lifting bar for crane placement, larger on-board hose reel with electric hose rewind and durable heat transfer hose.


*As of January 1, 2008, Wacker Corporation a subsidiary of Wacker Construction Equipment, AG (Munich, Germany) became the manufacturer of the Ground HeatersTM line of temporary climate control equipment, parts and accessories. The Ground HeatersTM product line includes a broad selection of highly efficient hydronic heaters, indirect fired heaters, heat exchangers, air movers, and dehumidifiers.  To learn more about the complete line climate control products or light equipment lines, please visit or



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