Dryvex Unit Uses New Technology to Restore Flooded Buildings

Spring Lake, Michigan Designed to lower claim costs by shortening drying time and decreasing insurance claims cycles, the new innovative Dryvex MC5200 patent-pending drying system from Ground Heaters* restores flooded buildings and structures quickly and efficiently with a new Dryvection technology.


Dryvection technology is a convection-based drying system that utilizes heat and air movement by using outside air rather than recycled air to dry flooded buildings and their contents in all types of weather conditions. The outside air is conditioned to low relative humidity and blown into the building through flex ductwork. As the fresh, dry air circulates throughout the building, it absorbs large quantities of moisture. A thermostat automatically controls the desired inside temperature while a second blower extracts the moisture-laden air out of the building. This dryvection technology allows for extremely quick drying and eliminates any potential mold or bacteria growth to the building.


The MC5200 provides the perfect solution for large or time-sensitive restoration projects by being able to shorten drying times, says Ken Cannella, product development director for Ground Heaters. It is a self-contained unit with more onboard power and drying power than any other units on the market.


The new MC5200 provides an airflow rate of 5,200 cfm. It can handle up to 15,000 square feet at saturation, or up to 270,000 cubic feet of space, removing up to 900 gallons of moisture per day depending on ambient conditions. The unit weighs 6,330 pounds with fuel, and features an adjustable hitch that can be set up for either a 2 5/16-inch ball or pintle hook for towing capabilities, and can be towed behind vehicles that can haul up to 1,000 pounds of tongue weight.


A 7 kW Kubota liquid-cooled, diesel engine with a 125-gallon diesel fuel tank provides 40 to 48 hours of runtime. The unit also features a vast amount of storage, with 240-cubic-foot interior storage space. All required tools, ductwork, and air movers can be stored easily on-board, making setup a breeze for contractors.


*As of January 1, 2008, Wacker Corporation a subsidiary of Wacker Construction Equipment, AG (Munich, Germany) became the manufacturer of the Ground HeatersTM line of temporary climate control equipment, parts and accessories. The Ground HeatersTM product line includes a broad selection of highly efficient hydronic heaters, indirect fired heaters, heat exchangers, air movers, and dehumidifiers.  To learn more about the complete line climate control products or light equipment lines, please visit www.groundheaters.com or https://www.wackerneuson.com/.

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